Linux On A 2G Ipod Mini

ipod linux 2g mini

Ipodlinux doesn’t officially support Linux on the second generation Ipod mini yet. [Reid Burke] decided to give us a full write up of the installation process. He says it really isn’t that hard, but decided to save you the trouble of piecing five pages of information together. Have a look and join the club.

20 thoughts on “Linux On A 2G Ipod Mini

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  2. Umm… I’ve had iPodLinux on my 2G Mini for a while now. Doom for iPodLinux isn’t really playable on the Mini (heck, from what I can guess, it’s probaly unplayble on real iPods) because the screen doesn’t scale (on any model) and it doesn’t handle being greyscale well. Oh well, just guess I’ll have to wait.

    The iPodLinux site just got hacked, so it’s not up to it’s regular self.

  3. I’ve also had linux on my 2g mini for a while. I’ve had doom up and running but it needs to be resized so you can’t see a thing and the grayscale doesn’t help either.

  4. i installed linux on my ipod(3g)…then it froze…so i opened it, unplugged the battery, turned it on, then linux ran…then it shut off….now my ipod says that there are no files on my harddrive in my ipod so can anyone help me and suggest what i should do?
    ps..does anyone know if you can take the buttons from a 3g and put it onto a 4g just using the same front plate of the 3g but replacing the screen frm the 4g.? if its confusing email me @

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