Wimshurst Electrostatic Machine


When I saw the subject line “homebuilt Wimshurst Machine” I was thinking “sausage maker?” Turns out that a Wimshurst machine was an early electrostatic generator design. It is more efficient than its friction based predecessors. The one featured here was built in 1976, but the site has a ton of other designs. If you just want to learn the principle behind the Wimshurst, that’s there too.

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Hackaday Links

I’ve used coral cache for anything I thought might go down. You can always remove the .nyud.net:8090 if there are problems.

[daguuy]’s Portable N64
USB to RS-232 dongle, circa 2003, there are probably cheaper versions now [Omega-x]
Ambigram generator [tX]
Search engine for free code [Caleb Jones]
Speech recognition circuit [M@RK]
Make a solar cell
Molex pin removers [Omega-x]
Water heater sized subwoofer [GRimo]
OSX in your browser [Voteccow]
Bubble torch [Omega-x]
PS2 on/off with door chime [digitalFX]
Dual boot OSX/XP [XyTec]
Ghetto PC [J to the D]
[Tea Vui Huang] Podcast to AMR converter for mobile phones
The kernel in color [angrygoatface]
[53tab5] has built a couple of these line follower ‘bots before
[Bill Dudley] decided to get on the modified FM transmitter bandwagon
TV in your drive bay [dama9ed]
Rockbox open source firmware for your Archos [vor]
If you missed [mark]’s comment yesterday, here is Ben & Jerry’s Flash thermoacoustics presentation

Thanks for hookin’ a brotha’ up!

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