Underwater living


Willy Volk interviewed Lloyd Godson for Divester’s latest podcast. Lloyd is building a self-sustaining underwater habitat: the BioSUB. It will hold at least 15 square meters of engineered wheat to convert CO2 to oxygen. He also plans on testing Alon Bodner’s Like-A-Fish tankless SCUBA technology. The system works by lowering the pressure of the seawater to extract the oxygen. The BioSUB project is sponsered by the Australian Geographic Society and Lloyd plans on launching this August.

A quick note: if you caught my friend’s dance/electronica radio show last week, it’s on again tonight 7-9PM CST. Click for the live stream.


  1. Karan Lyons says:

    What? Why isn’t this image in black and white? And where are the fake scotch tape corners? You’re letting me down buddy.

  2. madd_matt says:

    Because this isn’t todays hack, its just another post. The RC car was the 16th hack.

  3. funky says:

    i cant wait to have an underwater house. i hope likeafish.biz is able to get the funding to get it going.

  4. tim says:

    this can be so James Bond-ish…build me a scooter with the tankless contraption, and throw in a salt water power generator into the same package….voila!

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