IR triggered projection clock

projection clock

Inspired by raphnet’s projection clock, imakeprojects decided to build their own version. The clock only turns on when a source of IR light is pointed directly at it (i.e. television remote). This would be good for a room that you would normally like as dark as possible, like a home theater. The clock uses a 38kHz IR detector to trigger a Luxeon LED. You need to rotate the polarizing filter on the clock so that an inverse image will show up on the wall. imakeprojects was able to get a clear image without a lens while projecting up to 6 feet.

[thanks trebuchet03]


  1. Hmm. Definately Will think about this mod. Still think that it has to be easier (on you the person, same diff in the project) to use something like a bright RED so that your night vision in the room isnt shot the instant a remote is triggered.

    Plus Red clock just seem more natural.

  2. andrew says:

    nice hack, but you can get cheap projection clocks at places such as dollar stores or thrift/second hand stores for really cheap, then just drop in the ir detector and an npn transistor. it’d be much cleaner in the end.

  3. fucter says:

    good idea andrew

  4. suck my dick you jerry curled cunt box. bury the beds

  5. Tired2 says:

    ^someone needs their email posted on a site that gets 60000+ hits a day

  6. that insight was brought to you by:

  7. craig says:

    Damn I thought the first time I read it, that it was a hack where an IR sensor would detect movement and trigger the projection clock. Well, anyway, hopefully one day when I’m rich and successful I can use this in my massive personal cinema/entertainment room!!! Here’s hoping…

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