IR Triggered Projection Clock

projection clock

Inspired by raphnet’s projection clock, imakeprojects decided to build their own version. The clock only turns on when a source of IR light is pointed directly at it (i.e. television remote). This would be good for a room that you would normally like as dark as possible, like a home theater. The clock uses a 38kHz IR detector to trigger a Luxeon LED. You need to rotate the polarizing filter on the clock so that an inverse image will show up on the wall. imakeprojects was able to get a clear image without a lens while projecting up to 6 feet.

[thanks trebuchet03]

7 thoughts on “IR Triggered Projection Clock

  1. Hmm. Definately Will think about this mod. Still think that it has to be easier (on you the person, same diff in the project) to use something like a bright RED so that your night vision in the room isnt shot the instant a remote is triggered.

    Plus Red clock just seem more natural.

  2. nice hack, but you can get cheap projection clocks at places such as dollar stores or thrift/second hand stores for really cheap, then just drop in the ir detector and an npn transistor. it’d be much cleaner in the end.

  3. Damn I thought the first time I read it, that it was a hack where an IR sensor would detect movement and trigger the projection clock. Well, anyway, hopefully one day when I’m rich and successful I can use this in my massive personal cinema/entertainment room!!! Here’s hoping…

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