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I’m at Defcon in Vegas and I’ve already managed to give away 1 of 5 boxes of shirts in the space of 3 minutes. I guess writing “FREE” on the box worked. If you’re here and want to get a shirt either look for me or drop your contact info on the tip line and I’ll work something out (if you’re at Defcon). If you got a free t-shirt today, hopefully you’ll contribute to the tip line as well. We will have more shirts in the future (seriously don’t worry if you don’t or can’t get one of these), but if you’re here you might as well jump on the opportunity. There is a picture of me after the jump to help you identify me in the wild.



  1. max says:

    any chance of selling these on your website? I’d get one.

  2. Justin Wong says:

    I would love to get my hands on one, but Im like a billion miles away. (not really) but I can’t make it to defcon, any chance we could get one, us here internet folks?

  3. doug e fresh says:

    I stop by your sight everynight to check out all the new hacks,keep it up yall!!!If you sent me a shirt I would defenitly show my support. PEACE FROM THE MID-WEST.

  4. werejag says:

    we want free tshirts also

  5. Tim says:

    ummm . . . not a b & w photo? wtf? it makes me feel weird? eliot youre letting me down . . . no but seriously, keep up the good work, and maybe send me one of those sweet shirts, ill send you an sase or package or w/e, but i’d reall like one

  6. zaqx says:

    i’d buy one if you sold them online… if not then i think i may just have to make my own… (^_^)

  7. Richard Yoo says:

    OHMIGOD! Eliot is in my room! :D

  8. luke says:

    You should start selling “hack a day” stuff on the website so that those of us living in other country’s (australia) can have a nice peace of hack a day in those lonly 24 (or so) hours between hacks.

  9. dudemann says:

    gah! I want a t-shirt! I’m willing to pay!

  10. larryzotter says:

    Hey can u send that to singapore? I’d like the black one. How much would be shipping be?

  11. Rob says:

    i’m not able to travel after a bad car accident a few years ago, i’d like a tshirt too please

  12. Martin says:

    I’m in Vegas for Defcon 14! Bought my blinky pass tonight, hope to see you and some free shirts tomorrow! So many good talks to see, too many scheduling conflicts!

  13. i like the black one !!

  14. Justin Wong says:

    why would richard yoo, a basically billionaire, millionaire whatever.. be reading hackaday?

  15. option2race says:

    3 of us are on our way to Defcon now. Currently cruising at 85MPH on the 15 FWY just north of Baker coming from California. Hope to see you there and score some free t-shirts.

  16. Justin Wong says:

    nevermind. I apologize richard.

  17. g_c_c says:

    don’t sell t-shirts, put plans up. Free beer to the first one to etch one onto a pcb- and if it actually does something, ill pay shipping.

  18. Send me a T-Shirt, I’m to lazy and have no money..

  19. Fantom says:

    Send me a T-Shirt too plz!!

  20. mycroes says:

    Oh yeah, the shirts are hot! If you’re selling them, I’ll buy a couple, so please sell!!!

  21. Richard says:

    I know those shirts would be popular if they were available to buy online… defcon is a damned expensive trip for us here in the UK, but I know quite a few of us fiddlers would love to spread the Hack-a-day word…

  22. Richard says:

    I know those shirts would be popular if they were available to buy online… defcon is a damned expensive trip for us here in the UK, but I know quite a few of us fiddlers would love to spread the Hack-a-day word…

  23. roger says:

    Any chance you’d post one to the uk for free :)

  24. xxdesmus says:

    I’d buy 1 for $5 if you’re sell a red one inside the US…

  25. habz says:

    i’d like to get a red 1 … hw much wuld da shippin cost to mid-east…

  26. Pete says:

    Could I get one free in the post? If not you should start selling it on the website coz they are great!

  27. steve says:

    Wtf, where are the leds? those shirts suck

  28. i would love a mango colored shirt. Can you send one to the north pole? How much is shipping? Can you do everything for me because i’m a lazy person who can’t find out for myself. Mango. I love mango. Especially mango colored shirts.

  29. lejupp says:

    I’ll buy one as well if you ship to europe…

  30. Brent says:

    Damn you. I was having a great day til I saw this. First, I did not get to go to Defcon. Now I don’t get a shirt. You made me cry. I’m going to make my own. damn you all.

  31. Brent says:

    ok… ok.. I’m calm now. I would love to buy one if they are available at some point…

  32. Jeramy Phillips says:

    hey, I know that guy

  33. alex says:

    Wish i was there! Besides the free shirts of course…

  34. steve says:

    my god eliot u look so young not what i was expecting quite good looking to not that i fancy u or anything lol any chance of a black t shirt

  35. Ben says:

    yay uys sell them online you know wee’ll buy them

  36. CHRIS says:

    Maybe we’re supposed to make our own from looking at the photographs! :)

    But seriously, I would be happy also to support you and the site by buying one!

  37. annie says:

    man, I wish I was there, I would grab one in a second

  38. HaX80r says:

    Wish I could be there! Too bad I’m on the other side of the country. If you sell them online, I’ll buy one!

  39. craig says:

    hey! i want a hack a day t shirt, but I’m in the uk! damn!!!!!

  40. Computer_kid says:

    I want one!

  41. mycroes says:

    I don’t really get why so much ppl are asking for a free t-shirt, + free shipping. Well, that’s what it looks like…
    If they get on sale, I would pay EUR 20 for a shirt, excluding shipping. And I think I’ll take 2 then… Keep up the good work eliot!

  42. monster says:

    now i sure hope he got xxl. i’m 6’5″ and xl looks like a tube top

  43. animalmother says:

    Come on… We are geeks. You got to have XXL! We might not all be XXL, but there are bound to be quite a few. I’m 6’1″ and 225lbs. If you had them for sale on the website I’d take an XXL tanktop and an XXL T-shirt. Set it up so I can buy with PayPal.

    Thanks for the great site!

  44. dan says:

    Please start selling shirts online! I’ll buy one in a hurry!

  45. g0d says:

    LOL.. hackaday has had shirts for ages.. if they havent sold them on site yet.. what makes you think eliot will start now??

    they are limited edition.. for ppl who go out of their way to get them or atleast goto a convention or sumthin jeez..

    that being said.. grey with black or dk. grey print is obviously ejeeto

  46. g0d says:

    also.. i’m sure it would be easier to bribe sumone at chestnut hill to send you one out.. yes even a mango one.. than to give eliot the chance of a lifetime to “send one to europe with free shipping”


  47. interstellar_overdrive says:

    hack a day should defintly sell these i’d pay up to $25(us) without shipping for one of these. don’t be a nub and make your own – it’s not the same!

  48. interstellar_overdrive says:

    Forgot to mention – it’d only be okay to make your own if hackaday doesn’t sell them online. Great site – i read it daily – keep up the good work :)

  49. Henry says:

    any chance of releasing a stencil?

  50. kochiz says:

    any chance to get one if i live in Chile, South America?
    please say yes!

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