Defcon, free shirts

shirtsfree shirt

I’m at Defcon in Vegas and I’ve already managed to give away 1 of 5 boxes of shirts in the space of 3 minutes. I guess writing “FREE” on the box worked. If you’re here and want to get a shirt either look for me or drop your contact info on the tip line and I’ll work something out (if you’re at Defcon). If you got a free t-shirt today, hopefully you’ll contribute to the tip line as well. We will have more shirts in the future (seriously don’t worry if you don’t or can’t get one of these), but if you’re here you might as well jump on the opportunity. There is a picture of me after the jump to help you identify me in the wild.

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Casio SK-1 hacking

casio sk-1

The Casio SK-1 was one of the cheapest sampling synths on the market when it was released. It has since become a popular target for circuit benders. Check out this awesome SK-1 mod with custom case and panel. You may remember reader [jumpstart]’s bent SK-1 as well. Make even had a article on the SK-5. If you don’t want to chop up your keyboard too much, [mike] pointed out that you can add your own MIDI-in port with minimal work. Highly Liquid even offers the parts as a kit.

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