XBox 360… laptop

Ben Heck's XBox 360 laptop
I’m posting this a little early because it’s gonna be popular. Ben Heckendorn has been up to his tricks again. This time he built a 14 pound, water cooled 17 inch XBox 360 aluminum cased laptop. It’s got all the outputs you could ever need. This one is very good. He was kind enough to write up the build and do a nice photo shoot. Oh, this is very, very nice.

[Update: Skyler] set up a mirror.]


  1. David Reason says:

    what is the point what a wast of money i could do this but whats the point microsoft build them so why do this its only £150 for a LCD screen i know it would of cost a lot more than that to make this maybe if you put a BAT init it would be worth it but what you did its a wast of money iv work for microsoft in the past and new they were planing this and no the INs and outs of this system and i have my own and have the fan stand and intercooler and my xbox 360 gives out cold air no hot not even warm air and it works fine not one crash or even a frezz up its grt ok iv said what i wanted to say lattas

  2. Steve Grzybowski says:

    How do you submit a hack? I have a great, useful laptop hack for everyone

  3. orly says:

    damn he should consider make a deal with microsoft and make 360 laptops

  4. wilford says:

    just sweet! You’re really a great guy man! you amaze me. keep up the good work.

  5. tansit234 says:

    yeah ok so he is clever, its a lot like car customization, make it look good regardless of whats in the case, anybody can figure out atari pinouts and rework NES boards. all it does is look pretty, microshaft did the real work all he is doing is putting the same shit in a different wrapper. i could weld up an aluminum case and have slots milled like he did. if you can make things its nothing special. then again i’m a blue collar nerd so nevermind.

  6. bernard lozano says:

    where can i purchase a xbox 360 laptop? how much will it cost me? i want one.

  7. SKyler says:

    Can you tell me were you bought your case at just e-mail me at

  8. michael says:

    That is awesome. I would love to have that machine.

  9. Blake Carter says:

    if you contact me i will personally make one for you,

    i can start from scratch xbox and everything- $500

    you can send me your xbox and i will turn it into a laptop- $200

    i can make u one with a 19 inch screen for $800(includes i game of choice)

    if you have certain request email me and we can come to a price agreement i will go as low as $175

    building you laptop can take up to 10 business days

    and u get a 6 month warranty from me

    my gamertag is: vick44
    (u can contact me here)

    and yes i have a mic

    all emails recieved before June 16 will get a $20 visa gift card and a copy of GTA IV

    i ship everywhere

    shipping is free

    unless u want overnight or something (u can send the payment

    ps> u can get on xbox live wherever thers internet, and every where if u buy a wireless card

    plugs into wall like regular laptop except without the huge power cord

  10. BiggerZ Dee says:

    Ben i just have to say u put us all to shame here, i atempted to do this an killed both laptop an 360. U r a beepin Don!!!!

  11. XxPoisonXx says:

    I MUST HAVE ONE! anyone have an idea how much it would cost???

  12. just some halo addict says:

    yeah this seems awesome, and it is, but how realistic is it that we ourselves could get it affordibly? anyway, i’m just putting a question out there, is there/could there be (could it be made) like a program for a computer, or a laptop with a chunk of memory space to use xbox live, like this laptop, just also you can on the same network xbox live is on, and verse the same people who play on an xbox, but its just a program you can guy…… coz my xbox is broken, its been having a tendecy to brake after 1 or 2 months i get it back from repairs, so yeah, if it is or could be available, that would be awesome, if it is email

  13. just some halo addict says:

    and yes i am tired, i did make some spelling mistakes like guy instead of buy

  14. Michael says:

    Wherw can u buy the xbox 360 laptop and how much is it?!

  15. Thomas says:

    email me at for information about where i bought mine, my youtube is xp3w and i have some vids of the laptop. just make the subject line xbox 360 laptop

  16. Blake Gambel says:

    Reading these posts, I have seen mabey 5 people who can put together a coherant sentance.

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