Design Challenge Prize update delta

OK guys, I can finally announce all of the prizes for the Hack-A-Day Design Challenge! I’ve been waiting to get things in hand before announcing them all – Everything’s arrived, and it’s a pretty sweet haul.

  1. Fabienne’s Hack-A-Day iPod Nano
  2. MAKE Controller
  3. MAKE Daisy mp3 player kit
  4. SUMO Omni Beanbag
  5. 120 LED Assortment Package

If you’re busy, maybe you just don’t know how sweet some of this stuff is.

Fabienne kindly consented to give up her very own Hack-A-Day engraved iPod nano. It’s been used and the inside thoroughly inspected, but it’s otherwise unmodded.

MAKE gave us one of their new open source MAKE controllers – I opened up the one they sent and it’s pretty sweet. The 55Mhz Atmel SAM7X CPU is on a daughter-board, and the main board has terminals for every connection you could want, along with USB, Ethernet, CAN, Serial… They also sent along one of their new Daisy MP3 player kits. Unlike the controller, this one has to be put together.

Andrew over at hooked us up with one of their SUMO Omni bean bags. This thing is awesome. It’s the biggest bean bag I’ve ever seen. (I may have to buy the winner another one, my daughter has been going nuts over it )

Finally, [Alan] of Alan’s Electronic Projects sent us a set of his 120 LED assortments along with a handy resistor pack for using them with 5vdc to get things going. The set even includes some 13000mcd white LEDs for making your own portable tanning device.

How do you win all this sweet stuff? You send in a design! You’ve got until December 25th!


  1. Tricon says:

    Wow! You really are too good to us readers.

  2. Elliott says:

    is there a free program besides eagle that i can use? me and eagle don’t get along so well.

  3. Computer_kid says:

    I want that LED ssortment package and the SUMO Omni Beanbag! :-)

  4. mX says:

    Does the omni beanbag come with the girl? :)

  5. dkphybr says:

    not a fan of eagle either. there is a free version of a program called DipTrace ( just started using it recently. very intuitive.

  6. Jeroen Domburg says:

    Linux has ‘PCB’, which while having somewhat of a learning curve, isn’t that hard to use. It’s ported to cygwin too, so you can use it under Windows.

  7. Elliott says:

    thanks dkphybr Diptrace is much better.

  8. Elliott says:

    where can i download a simple had logo for my board?

  9. tapius says:

    the image is posted on the first contest comments.. someone has a link to it i think. sorry mad lazy over here.

  10. tapius says:


  11. Francisco Garza says:

    Are high-voltage devices allowed, i.e. what if my design requires an enclosure for that reason?

  12. tired2 says:

    Here is a vector (DXF) of the logo:

    (some requested it). The aspect is a bit off, but that can be fixed, I lost the copy I had that was in better shape.

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