IM Serial puppet

[Pierre-Philippe] sent in his instant messenger USB puppet. It’s a little silly, but I like it. The puppets servo is driven by a pic controller with a max232 serial/ttl converter. To make things interesting, it responds to people entering and leaving gaim or xchat.


  1. kevinin says:

    neat idea, but it doesn’t really do _that_ much though, does it?

  2. Brian says:

    That’s pretty cool; i could see market for a device like this. Imagine, you have this little desk puppet that pops up / collapses in response to a certain buddy being online.

  3. SteamSHIFT says:

    Was all over the web a few months ago …

  4. Demo says:

    I would make it even more simple: There is no need for 6 & 5 volts, I would use only 5 also for servo, there is also no need for MAX232, I would you only some resistors and I also wouldn’t use the optodecoupler, finally I would not use the 4Mhz crystal, just the internal RC,that has enough precision. I like things as simple as it can get;) Good project though :)

  5. Alan says:

    I could see a device like this selling. Have them daisy-chained using USB so you could have lots of them. Then the manufacturer could make hundreds of small plugins for it… Have one that falls down when the weather is bad, one that slowly (day by day) stands taller as the weekend approaches. One that starts to fall as system resources are low. One that stands tall when Web traffic peaks.

    I could think of hundreds of things and I think if they were mass produced to be cheap and simple so that any computer user could use it there would be a pile of money to be made there!

  6. TikiGuy says:

    Isn’t this an extremely simplified version of Nabaztag? Which, BTW, I think is very cool. I like this floppy fellow though cuz I could actually make him!

  7. D1337 says:

    what aboute a plugin for a game like counter strike, you could instandly see how many off your mates are still alive witch would be pretty funny at lan party’s and stuff

  8. linermonkey says:

    Well the site has been hack-a-day’d into digital oblivion, but I remember those puppet toys, probably have a couple stashed somewhere. Why bother with practical applications for these? And why build just one? I want to see 100 of these things lined up and programmed to dance!

  9. Khoa says:

    lol @ D1337’s idea, that’s a pretty awesome idea, man.

  10. jaguarrrr says:

    nice idea.

    is it just me that since embedded video (ala google,youtube) I became lazy and don’t watch a short video that I have to download ?

  11. Joey says:

    very nice.
    things like this can make lots of money. =]

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