Design Challenge: the missing entry

I thought I’d mentioned every entry of the contest, but I managed to let one slip through the cracks. One of our favorite hardware hackers [sprite_tm] submitted this AVR ARM dev board/game console. The LCD is from a Nokia 5110. The brain is a LPC2103 ARM controller, and is designed to run a chip8 emulator.


  1. choomunkee says:

    I reckon this is easily 2nd place in the comp!

  2. George says:

    I actually like this better than the entry that one. It seems fresher and more innovative.

  3. joelanders says:

    this is the winner.

  4. s800 says:

    This should be first place. Innovative, and pushing the limits of hacking.

  5. neggies says:

    i really wanted the tube amp to win…but i suppose the $10-15 cost of the tube makes it prohibitive to manufacture a kit.


  6. chupa says:

    contest was a failure

  7. asaa says:

    this shits on the winner

  8. joey says:

    ossh, The tube amp was way better than the winner IMO

  9. mike says:

    You’re forgetting the purpose of the business card size factor. The idea mentioned in the contest intro is to take the winning submittal and produce a few 100 of them as trade-show and general interest givaways. The pcb’s serve as a unique advertisement for the Hack a day website. The cleaner, more universal, and less expensive to assemble in full it is, the more likely it is to be memorable to the target audience. A business card givaway that is going to take $80+ hardware to perform an esoteric function makes it extremely likely the givaway will be trash-binned quickly and not make any impact on the recipient. The winning entry certainly meshes well with the described intent of the contest. How well the winning entry matched is apparent with the unanimous decision.

  10. choomunkee says:

    Mike summed it up very nicely there. The winning entry totally fulfils all the criteria of the competition, making it a very worthy winner.

  11. alienwear says:

    looks great to me

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