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This is a bit reminiscent of the missing DC entry, so consider it a bonus hack. [Eric] sent in his latest project, an AVR game console. It uses a pair of ATMega168v micro-controllers, a nokia 3110 LCD, and an eeprom to store a selection of games. The interface above the console is the serial loader/charger. No word on the game source, but judging from his site, maybe he’s writing them all on his own.

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  1. I wish he’d have kept the interface built in as in the prototype, and not moved it to an external board. I would also like to see some flash memory card slot added on in a later version to store games on. And, one last suggestion: put in a bigger screen, such as from an old palm. keep the tough screen bit, and that would be a sweet controlling method.

  2. Thanks for the comments. As to iamdigital, I never really meant for this to be anything more than a simple little device (a learning experience), but maybe my next project… And the new form of it is far more convenient than the prototype ever was, just in it’s size and being able to carry it around with me.

  3. so it was just a POC? well, I guess you could just take my comments as a suggestion for a future revision. One thing, if you were to add onboard charging/syncing, perhaps you could pull a RAZR and pull power and data from a single mini-b USB jack. That would be a nice addition. then you could skip the extra circuit board.

  4. That is a great project! :)

    I was thinking of doing the same thing. I’m new to programming the mega16. What advice can you give me as I try to learn to do a project like this? Ofcourse mine will be different. I’ve looked at OLED 3.5″ color screen, but I have no idea about loading .bmp’s or jpg’s to the screen. I also wanted to use a midi data or mp3 data to a speaker, but have no experience at that either.

    Any info you could give would be great!

  5. My advice is to get acquainted with the features of the mega16 then just start experimenting with different hardware you might want to use. Shoot me an email, I can give you more detail about how mine works.

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