How-to: Make your own XBox 360 Laptop (Part 2)

Dammit. I’m not perfect, but I’m annoyed that despite checking for it, I missed it when part 2 of Ben Heck’s XBox 360 Laptop how-to went up. In this round there’s plenty of parts modding to do. From heat sinks to caps, you’ve got to make them all smaller.


  1. Tim Kromphardt says:

    For all you Ben Heck fans out there he will be attending the Midwest Gaming Classic June 8th and 9th. Hopefully he will be bringing the 360 laptop! I went last year and met Ben and tons of other cool video game moders and hackers, its a great time. If you live in the Milwaukee area be sure to check it out. Check out for more details.

  2. Krokar says:

    When will part 3 come?
    I stuck in the work and I have some problems about dooing X360 laptop.
    I nead part 3!

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