Back from Vegas Extra

I made it home after a long day of travel. Airport security let me through with my new home server – a 1U dual P3 800Mhz Compaq rackmount that I scored from the guys at UNIX surplus. Yes, it was my carry-on personal item.

Somehow I missed the MIDI tesla coil last month. Thanks to [skuhl] for sending it in. It’s a solid state coil that’s modulated to create one bad-ass midi box. The videos are worth checking out.

[martin] tells me that the Pentax k10d firmware has been hacked for polish menus. I’ll let you guys sort through it, I’m honestly too tired to deal with translating it right now.

[Alex] re-cased a macbook power supply to repair a slightly ripped out power cable. Those power supplies aren’t cheap, so it’s worth noting.

By the way, I’ve got one of the midnight research wicrawl CDs, so ask nice if you want me to put up a torrent.


  1. HyperFusion says:

    Torrent please! I promise to actually seed this one.

  2. icb says:

    Please torrent that wicrawl cd for me…I’ll check back but feel free to email a link to the torrent file. Thanks

  3. monster says:

    me too, you prolly see my emailaddy from the submission.
    always fun to play with new programs

  4. werejag says:

    torrent torrent

  5. ex-parrot says:

    I’ve got one of those Compaqs. It runs Ubuntu Linux and Xen 3.0.2 nicely.

  6. orac says:

    lul torrent the wicrawl plz!

  7. Matt says:

    I, too, would also like the torrent for it.
    Tesla coils are always cool.
    There like LEDs, except they use a little more power, and can kill you.

  8. rich200313 says:

    I would also love a torrent, please email it to me!

  9. Adma says:

    Yes, please torrent that CD. Never know when something like that will come in handy.

  10. Nelson says:

    A torrent would be great :D

  11. wally says:

    *Asks nicely* :D

  12. ikkaan says:

    I would also like to have the torrent please.

  13. Arch says:

    I would appreciate the torrent to the max.

  14. Dan says:

    pretty please can I have the torrent?

  15. bboyskidz says:

    That telsa coil is pretty awesome, i don’t know too much about that sort of thing but it would be awesome if somehow you could control where the arc ends up when it fires.

    the mac book adapter? very handy. I almost threw mine out. I am going to do that this weekend… after the adapter is fixed, I intend to charge the sucker up and use one of those wicrawl cds that will so nicely be posted on the net ;) *wink*wink* :)

  16. tbare says:

    and as if that weren’t enough asking nicely, the torrent would be very nice (as if you haven’t done enough for us already…) :) thanks in advance…

  17. Stephen says:

    That would be awesome if you could torrent the wicrawl CD…

  18. We bow before your mighty torrent.

  19. Sidney says:


    Would like a torrent of the wicrawl cd, pretty please, with whipped cream and with cherries on top :)
    (email is in comment submission)


  20. Ziggit says:

    Bringing computers through security can be a fun experience.

    Not only can they be really heavy and painful if worn in a backpack, but it was also the first time I ever had any issues checking in.

    I just love dumpsters in the close proximity to the mit campus they have the best stuff

  21. wes says:

    Pretty please torrent…

  22. Motoma says:

    Those tesla coil videos are amazing!

  23. danielpops says:

    wow a torrent of the new wicrawl would be so amazing. I was there this weekend too, i just wasn’t able to shark on one of the CDs, although i did manage to get a few t-shirts!. Good find! Thanks!

  24. Hockeytree says:

    Please put up that torrent, and either send me a link or just put it up on the page. Paweeeeeeseee :)

    And, I saw that tesla coil in person, or one like it. That is some scary stuff.

  25. g3n3tix says:

    Pleaaaaazzzeee… torrent would be appreciated !!

    thank you very much in advance…

  26. Dax says:
  27. Milkboot says:

    Post the CD, and i will make cookies

  28. St.Jimmy says:

    Oh plz, plz send me a torrent. oh plz.

  29. I agree with Ziggit. I drove across the border with my friend who wanted to colocate a server in Seattle. Boy, did we have a hard time explaining to the border guard why anyone would want to leave their computer in another city.

  30. Erik says: is a better video of that midi tesla. very cool.

  31. alex says:

    we can has wicrawl torrent pls?
    k thx bai

  32. tiuk says:

    yes, torrent please! after the geeks rushed the stage to snatch up the livecds I tried to find the .iso online (the midnight research guys said it’d be up), but it hasn’t been posted yet.

    unix surplus had some good deals. i ended up leaving with an old Gateway Pentium 266 laptop in a nice Targus leather case from the Hacker Foundation auction for $15 ;)

  33. hgo says:

    Ups, looks like somebody removed this post about Pentax hacking.
    If somebody have it still in he cache I can translate it if you want.


  34. Ghrayfahx says:

    Man, I don’t Envy you trying to get though McCarran Airport with that thing. As a Vegasian (My word, noone else can use it or I’ll sue ya!) I know the nightmare that is that airport. But to throw my vote in, Torrent Please!

  35. Capper says:

    Here’s a 2 channel MIDI controlled Tesla Coil:

  36. bgugi says:

    pweez (*v*)

  37. Tavor says:

    Hey, you should post some pictures of your new home server when you get it set up. Perhaps I’ve been perusing the modding websites too much, but I love seeing the guts of boxen.

  38. strider_mt2k says:

    Best part of the Tesla coil video: flash photography.

  39. Roger Jollie says:

    Your “new” server looks like a Compaq DL 360 G1. If so, check the power supply date. If it is the same vintage as the server I suggest replacing it. You MIGHT still get Compaq/HP to replace the supply. These had the wrong type grease on the fan bearings and heat/time would cause the grease to evaporate and the fan to seize. This caused overheating and shutdown. Our servers like these wound up going to the scrap metal company as nobody wants them. I believe we have two or three left in service. Mostly these servers were just a pain. G2 and beyond were fine.

  40. samhall says:

    another vote for the wicrawl torrent.
    and more cowbell!! er… tesla coils.
    either way.

  41. Please send me the torrent for the Wicrawl CD.
    Much obliged, Dakota C:\>

  42. Alex says:

    Torrent? Please? I promise I will only do good things with it, like solving world hunger.

  43. Monkeysmaker says:

    Please for the love of 1’s & 0’s torrent the wicrawl cd.

  44. Chrono16 says:

    I would like one of those servers, can I get a model number so I can hunt one down?

    Much Abliged -Chrono16

  45. Stephen says:

    Did the torrent ever get posted?

  46. Shelby says:

    Solemn article. It make me lost in thoughts.

  47. Christopher says:

    Oh! but Is it the think that you know earlier??

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