Defcon 15: Wrap-up

Our friend [Alex] was a little late getting to our t-shirt free-for-all today, but I just found out why: He was writing a great wrap-up of the many Defcon talks he attended. It’s well worth your time and will give you an idea of the broad slice of info that’s covered at the convention. That picture is him repruhzenting for Hack-A-Day in Fast Company magazine.

Update: I’m finally getting caught up on my RSS feeds; check out Richard Bejtlich’s equally good summary of Black Hat: part 1 and part 2.

3 thoughts on “Defcon 15: Wrap-up

  1. Hehe, man, no need to re-advertise my pic again, got freaked out when I saw it at the top of the page. Thanks, for the link, was just trying to preserve the stuff I will probably forget by tomorrow, since I am stuck with delayed flight anyway.

  2. Good wrap-up! I was not there, so my opinion is obviously outside gauge, but what I saw reminded me of the thoughts discussed back in the mid-90’s with regard to security. Also, that bank thing just gives me even more reason to stay away from those “services” the banks offer.

    Maybe one of the next years it’ll be a face-to-face thing.

    From the non-attending, thank you!

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