10 thoughts on “Wiimote On Your XBox 360

  1. While this hack is sweet for what it does, the guy said “Reticule movement on screen would correspond to where the Wiimote is pointing (via its IR sensors)”

    I call, shenanigans on that: he must be using the accelerometers for pointer position. First, I can’t see the IR sensor bar in anywhere in the picture and it would have to be on/under the TV for it to work. Second, he doesn’t talk at all about how you go about getting the sensor bar to interface with a pc (what kind of signal it outputs etc.) And lastly, watching the game play it just feels like he’s using the accelerometer.

    All in all though, he did a kick-ass job. This hack is full of WIN. I’d love to see a DIY kit + source

  2. Neuticle,

    The “sensor bar” isn’t actually a sensor. It simply emits a pair of ir signals at a known (relatively) geometry. To demonstrate this, some people have tried replacing the sensor bar with other sources of ir (e.g., lit candles) and it works!

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