Happy New Year Extra

Goodbye 1167627600 -1199167140 1199163540.

[Justin] is having fun telling everyone that an exploit has been found for the Archos 605 media player. The hack gets you remote root access on the player… need I say more?

[Gene] sent in his polar coordinate based LEGO 3d printer. He’s still working on the driver end, but it’s an interesting project.

[Kyle] sent in the gutting of his flip video camera.

Need some new storage? [forrest] sent in his price/GB price comparison script. It scrapes New Egg and graphs out the results.

Despite the link on our old post being dead, [Txoof] built his own CCFL macro light from a dead laptop LCD.

[Dan] sent in his LED cube matrix. The LEDs are wired in a matrix, so he can actually address them individually.


  1. HaX80r says:

    happy new year. May 2008 be a good hacking year.

  2. Cheers to hacking!

  3. D4rk says:

    Very happy new year to everyone here, may the next year be full of success with your projects and hacks.

    …ohh yeah tons of hacks!!

  4. Hello1024 says:

    The price comparison script is just plain cool. I wish I’d thought of that instead of spending hours looking for the cheapest £/gb for a large RAID array.

    Just need to mod it to work in £’s, search multiple sites, and add postage cost in and it’d be perfect.

  5. thethirdmoose says:

    whats with
    1167627600 -1199167140

  6. chris says:

    Whoa, someone should build a 3d printer that builds things out of legos!

  7. Ali Raheem says:

    @5 those are unix time stamps.
    1167627600 = 00.00 01/01/07
    1199167140 = 00.59 01/01/08
    I think he made a mistake or I copied them wrong.
    It should be 1199163540.
    They are seconds from epoch (1= 7.00 31/12/69 )

  8. You’re right. I fudged the calculator and put in 24:59 instead of 23:59.

  9. Alan Parekh says:

    Happy holidays!

  10. Kabuki says:

    The LED matrix animation looks like one of the little fire worms from Zelda, but stuck inside a box… :(

  11. Nick says:

    forre.st is down, wonder if it’s permanent. It was good enough to convince my boss to buy a few of those WD500’s

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