DIY iMac Mini

[Phyro-Mane] sent in his home built iMac mini. He based it on an old laptop with an install of OSX86 XP with a mac theme. The forum is in German, but the photos in the thread speak for themselves.


  1. Lucas says:

    That’s not osx86. it’s just a mac theme for Windows XP, but I guess only someone speaking german could have got that from the text.

  2. ib says:

    it’s actually just xp with an os x skin:

  3. jan says:

    looks ugly. good idea, but not well done…

  4. masterA says:

    macs just look to good to rip them off… something build by own ideas is more intresting

  5. Mike says:

    So all he did was take laptop guts and put them into a new exterior case? I put laptop guts in an old brief case once, but that’s not hack-a-day worthy. And thats an imac look alike, not a mac mini.

  6. Will OBrien says:

    Mike, the creator is calling it an iMac Mini – it’s much smaller than the usual iMac.

  7. Max says:

    So… putting ps3/x360 in the new case is a hack, and modding laptop into new case is not? indeed they are not HACKS, but MODS, which this site often do not distinguish.Putting computer in spectrum case, putting game console in new case, omakling new case for a laptop, its all on the same level…

  8. Miles says:

    At least this is upgradeable :D

    I like the sig in that forum:

    Real Life? Never heard of it, is it worth the download?

    Clearly shows talent, it does look like an imac.

  9. dirk says:

    why do people bitch about ‘is this a hack?’ so much.

    omfg, this guy did something you probably haven’t done, god forbid you think it’s not very special. quit bitching.

    doing something new with old hardware is always admirable.

  10. Steve Z says:

    man, it sure looks like he used the same mac osx disc for intel procs that I have. But, I don’t speak any german so I guess you guys are just too legit and know everything already.

  11. Rob Gilgan says:

    That’s a lot of work for something that comes up significantly short of the comoputer it emulates. I have a 24″ iMac, nicely equipped with both OSX and XP Pro. It’s gorgeous. Not just ‘real nice’ or ‘great design’ or any other adjective – it’s a gorgeous piece of equipment.
    This, on the other hand, is kind of rude, ya know?

    Better he spend his time (and $$$) recreating the mini.

  12. Riax says:


    No. It’s XP. The dead giveaway? Well, for one, the username. Second, that guitar icon is one of the included personal pictures in Windows XP.

  13. andy says:

    I think that is very cool! I have an old acer aspire 3610 and it would be amazing to do that!

  14. Yagnaroopaya says:

    Thatís Too nice, when it comes in india hope it can make a Rocking place for youngster.. hope that come true.

  15. Keshavaya says:

    As a Newbie, I am always searching online for articles that can help me. Thank you

  16. Ann Printer says:

    Saw this during my Thursday night web searches. Amazing what stuff you can find doing a search XP repair ideas.
    Kind of caught me off guard.

    Thanks for posting.

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