Arduino + Nunchuck +espresso = Awesome

Remember the voltage detector that I mentioned a while back? [Tim] hasn’t put up quite enough info to make me happy, but definitely enough to make me jealous. He updated his NES controlled Silvia to become a Wii nunchuck controlled (via Arduino) Silvia. That said, his last couple of blog posts have me questioning just how much espresso he’s been drinking. Theoretically, he could actually program the Silvia to refuse shots to people who are too jittery.

7 thoughts on “Arduino + Nunchuck +espresso = Awesome

  1. tonight on a long drive i thought about doin’ something like this with my gaggia. fate? yes.
    i was thinking wireless capability with the xbox360 remotes, seein’ as how both machines are in the same room in my house. doubleshots + headshots. i’m for it.

  2. I’ve been looking at espresso machines for awhile (I used to be a barista), all I have now is a dinky Krups Espresso Mini.
    It looks like the Silvia’s a good place to start, and seems sufficiently geek-friendly :)

  3. The line about “Theoretically he could program the machine to refuse shots…” got me. Anyone up for a game of who-gets-denied-by-the-espresso-machine-for-being-far-too-amped-first?’

  4. i find this hack sorta pointless althoh if i did have the parts laying around i would try to mod any thing i can (i get board alot) ….. can u buy nunchuck female connectors?

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