Gas powered blender


We aren’t sure what [stubman] needs to blend, but whatever it is, it must require some serious power. [stubman] put together this industrial looking gas powered blender. While gas powered blenders certainly aren’t a new thing, he did add a nice touch with an electric starter. While maybe not as cool looking as some we’ve previously covered, this one would look good in any shop. Why are gas powered blenders so popular? Why not gas powered pencil sharpeners or gas powered can openers? We’ve seen a gas powered vacuum!


  1. BigD145 says:

    It looks like someone is still stuck in the age of cheap gas. I’d be more impressed by a steam powered blender.

  2. henk says:

    I liked the jet-powered beer cooler better.

  3. I’d assume tailgating plays a role in the popularity of gas-powered cooking equipment. Even though a good inverter can usually supply all the power one might need, that power comes at the cost of a potentially drained car battery.

    And age of cheap gas? Cheap gas is now!

  4. Tim says:

    Not sure anyone will ever beat a V8 powered blender…

  5. Joshua McGee says:

    Not sure anyone will ever beat a V8 powered blender…

    No kidding! This guy could have had a V8!


  6. nukewinter says:

    but will it blend? sorry, it was pretty obvious…

  7. BigD145 says:

    Cheap gas was 11+ years ago. Those days are over.

  8. someone says:

    Watch Top Gear, an episode or two back they showed off a gas powered blender. Well engine powered (V8).

  9. hockeytree says:

    No its pretty cheap again, maybe you dont buy gas but the prices are beautiful now.

  10. Tony says:

    Why not gas powered pencil sharpeners or gas powered can openers?

    Because that is just silly.

  11. Slawek says:

    here it is…

    V8 Powered Blender :

  12. Face says:

    In Florida we use these when we take the boats out to an island to make margaritas. :)

  13. emilio says:

    burning man.

    people use them to make daquiries at burning man.

  14. Chris says:

    Gas? Oh wait, gas is means petrol :).
    (honestly confused dutchie)

  15. tony says:

    Come on Hack-a-day, i saw a much more impressive version six months ago. No if the guy took a carburetted motor and made it EFI with an AVR or something, that would be cool.

    And who stole my name?

  16. [Hack-a-day does not trust me with blockquotes]

    Cheap gas was 11+ years ago. Those days are over.
    Posted at 1:07 pm on Dec 21st, 2008 by BigD145

    [/Hack-a-day does not trust me with blockquotes]

    I filled up for $1.589 a gallon last week. Take that and shove it through your favorite inflation calculator.


    Keep in mind that 1) Gas probably had 5% more energy value in it back then without the crappy ethanol-farm-program-price-support-scheme. 2) Your Federal fsck-ups in Congress have been cooking the books on the real rate of inflation for years.


    Gas is probably cheaper nowadays than it’s ever been.

  17. Gas isn’t cheap? Look at this, it’s what I’ve been telling people for several years:

  18. erm, that doesn’t include 2008. so that graphic doesn’t prove my point. never mind. but as of today, the average usa price of gas is approx. 167 cents per gallon, which is almost the lowest there would be on that chart (adjusted prices).

  19. Adam says:

    gas is 1.41 where i am

  20. Nathan says:

    Here is the V8 powered blender that was on top gear!

    apsolute genius!

  21. There are people who did it. That’s awesome. I asked about this when we read about the gas powered vacuum. I’m thrilled to see someone else has executed the idea. And it appears he’s done exactly what I envisioned with a direct-drive vertical shaft engine. Man, that’s awesome.

  22. Stub says:

    Howdy all,
    I’m the one that built this thing. It was just a dumb project to use up shop junk. I had a weedeater with a broken gear head, the parts to fix it was more than it was worth (and I wanted a 4-stroke).
    I also had a run down Dewalt 9 volt drill. The next thing Ya know, I had the idea to make it electric start. I have about $25 total in it for the Harley oil tank bung for the fuel tank.

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