Pen Based Input Improvements


Lately we’ve been focusing on multitouch technologies, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t interesting research going on in other areas of human-computer interaction. [Johnny Lee] posted a roundup of some the work that [Gonzalo Ramos] and others have done with pen based input. The video embedded above shows how pressure can be used to increase control precision. Have a look at his post to see how pen gestures can be used for seamless workspace sharing and how pen rolling can give additional control.

10 thoughts on “Pen Based Input Improvements

  1. That’s a very impressive demonstration. I wonder how they linked pressure to zooming in the last few image demonstrations without the benefit of the clutching mechanic used with the sliders.

  2. Good thinking. He has more good ideas ( ).

    @happypinguin: The pen (the stylus) is pressure sensitive, like any wacom stylus-tablet combination.

    @ronnie: I agree, I also would like to have a pressure sensor on my mouse. My Logitech MX Air has already acceleration sensors, so add a pressure sensor and a (absolute) location sensor, and it’s getting somewhere.

  3. This is big for me. While its not a wacom, I use my tablet for alot of digital painting and graphic work. Pressure sensitivity is of up most importance when your dealing with painting because like with an actual brush, the amount of pressure you apply is relative to the wide of the stroke.

    This video makes me excited like you can’t believe. :D

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