8 thoughts on “Free issue of hackin9

  1. I smell a rat!
    Think about it – what better way to take advantage of a vulnerability in a piece of software than offer people freebie downloads for it!?
    I reckon they’ve built that PDF in such a way that it buffer-overflows Adobe Reader and compromises your system (even if there’s no ‘payload’).
    It gets even more suspect, because a hacking related mag, there for general security research, makes it a freebie download and don’t even check email addys properly!
    I used ‘a@b.com’ to get it, haven’t opened it (yet).
    Then again it could just be olde fashioned paranoia, either way, it makes for a possible lawsuit against them if they’ve done something stupid like that.

  2. i was thinking the same thing until i used my brain for a second and realized its just publicity (although i did virus scan the file)

  3. However, the web page does have javascript from 3 other domains that aren’t hackin9, and don’t look familiar (ie adwards, doubleclick, etc)

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