Mario etching


[revolvingdork] etched his Eeepc with the entire level map of Super Mario Land for Game boy. He set the laser to 70% speed and 40% power to get it to turn out this way. This is a far safer way of expressing your self and playing with laser etching than tattooing yourself with the laser.


  1. j says:

    opened it up on my eee 1000h and ever more jealous

  2. sean says:

    thats pretty nice, and i still laugh at the video of the laser tattoos

  3. eric says:

    wicked tattoo!

  4. Timothy says:

    Wow. That’s sick nasty!

  5. strider_mt2k says:

    I’m playing that right now on my Dell Mini 9!
    Man I love that title.

    Great stuff! Nice choice!

  6. Reezy says:

    Pretty cool, yet you should have used SMB3 levels…. then you could throw the N card maps on there.. that would be ill

  7. blackspyder says:

    It may be a safer way of playing with lasers than the tattoo, but you don’t go into laser-etching-infamy.

  8. M@ says:

    wow! i need the source image!!!!

  9. Thanks for the kind words, folks!

    m@, you can grab the source image I compiled here:

  10. M@ says:

    thank you so much chris

  11. DanAdamKOF says:

    Really cool! It would have been uber-cool if you somehow had branching paths (like from pipes etc) in there too… then again, were they in SML or just SML2? Been a while since I’ve played a Game Boy game.

  12. kyle says:

    this is eeepic!

  13. Sk says:

    That is pretty. :-D

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