Farewell, Hack a Day


Now, on the eve of Hack a Day’s fifth anniversary, seems like an appropriate time to announce my resignation. Site founder [Phillip Torrone] published the first post, a red box, on September 5th, 2004. On May 7th, 2005 I took over editorial duties at Hack a Day by publishing one of my favorite projects: [Jonathan Westhues]‘ proximity card spoofer. Since then, I’ve run Hack a Day with a number of great contributors over the last four years: [Fabienne Serriere], [Will O'Brien], [Ian Lesnet], and current senior editor [Caleb Kraft] just to name a few. I’ve enjoyed watching the site grow, powered by the constant stream of tips from readers. Whether we were turning hard drives into molten goo or putting our hardware designs into production, it’s been a lot of fun. With all the new talent we’ve brought on recently, I have confidence that Hack a Day will continue to be a great resource in the future.

You’ll be able to find me online running my personal blog RobotSkirts.com and on Twitter as @sweetums. In real life, I’ll still be attending hacker conferences, like the upcoming ToorCon in San Diego, and local Los Angeles tech events like Mindshare and the weekly Hacker Drinkup.

In closing, I’d like to thank you, the readers, for all the support you’ve given us over the years. If it weren’t for all the tips, personal projects, and ideas you’ve sent us, we’d never have made it this far. Thank you.

[photo: Viss]


  1. Dave says:

    Best of luck!

  2. anon says:

    all of us anon will miss you too

  3. sam williams says:

    we will miss you Ive been reading hackaday since its pretty much had its beginning, so farewell Elliot.

  4. sanchoooo says:

    thanks for creating one of the best sites ever. fair winds and following seas

  5. anon says:

    I always loved how when the how-to’s went to sh*t you would step in and make a post or two over the past while. I really enjoyed what you have contributed, I can only hope that the quality of the hacks continues to stay strong. I personally will miss your quality work. Good luck!

  6. --Tod says:

    Unfortunately I only just recently stumbled across HackaDay this past Spring. But I’ve been hooked ever since my first peek. I Googled for something involving GPS cell phones, or cantennas, or IR photos/video … (most likely all of them) … and found this HAVEN of brilliant ideas! Until then I’d never programmed a PICC — Now, built my own programmer and did some of my own code (albeit quite simple, yet).

    And I’ll owe all my Hacks to you folks here… [ok, maybe not "owe" :-) ].

    Enjoy your next steps!

  7. austin y. says:

    Hate to see you go Eliot. I’ve been keeping up with the site since 04 or 05, its part of my daily routine. You did a great job man, good luck to your future.

  8. Winphreak says:

    I misread the whole thing… I thought Phillip was leaving. Eliot? Whoa.

    Good luck to you too Eliot. I remember seeing your name on a lot of things, and too many to name. Good luck with the future projects!

  9. AK says:

    There is no Arduino in this hack…

    Good luck with everything mate. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your posts. You will be missed.

  10. amk says:

    Peace out Elliot. And these caps just don’t feel right :)

  11. adam says:

    This is truly a sad day for Hack a Day, but I’m sure we’ll see great things from you in the future.

  12. k0ldBurn says:

    I first found this site when I was looking for some PSP-cfw information and I happened to type PSP hack into google. I love this site, I visit it several times a day and will one day, actually contribute something of value. Keep doing what you do, you will be missed.

  13. M4CGYV3R says:

    Wow, caps in comments? It’s so, 2000s…

    Also, seeya! You were great! Enjoy the freedom!

  14. Drone says:

    jeeez… now i have to type in all lower case on purpose.

  15. Spanky says:

    BOOOOO heheheeh

    thanx for all ur hard work

  16. cptfalcon says:

    thanks for some quality stuff, hackaday has inspired me on many occasions

  17. Ian says:

    As Will said to me last month: congratulations on joining the ranks of Hack a Day alumni. You’ve done a great job here.

  18. nick says:

    thank you for everything, including the last gift. i shall use it well.


  19. lulz says:

    It was likely all the tArduino posts…

  20. Rlyeh_drifter says:

    Dir alles gute und vorwärts hackaday!

  21. Sharky says:

    Quality takes another dive towards manga posts.

  22. MarkCra says:

    thanks eliot for all the hard work you’ve put into hackaday. here’s to the next 5 years and all the contributers/editors who’ll fill your shoes.

    say NO to caps.

  23. Jhalek90 says:


  24. DrNick says:

    I really enjoyed this site from the start. Good luck with your next projects!

  25. Eliot (im an imposter) says:

    Relax guys, it’s obviously only for the really long weekend. Jeez, I didn’t think you guys were going to flip out so easily. Thank you all for the kind words and comments, but I am still staying here. I would never leave this community behind.

    Eliot <I'm still an imposter

  26. Neckbeard says:

    See even the senior editor knows this place has gone to shit!

  27. Richard says:

    Thanks for some bloody good hacks Eliot – I hope you enjoy whatever you do next. :-)

    Now you’re gone, somebody has got some very big boots to fill…

  28. miked says:

    Thanks for stimulating my mind.

  29. jason says:

    i just graduated highschool a little bit ago. i’ve been reading your website since i was in 8th grade. i’d just like to thank you for providing hundreds of hours worth of study-hall wasted time reading howtos and nifty wiring diagrams. it’s sad to see you go!

  30. Nick Caiello says:

    Sad to see you go, Eliot. I can honestly say that it was a privilege working with you. You will truly be missed. Keep in touch.

  31. chamunks says:

    Cheers mate thanks for all the good reads.

  32. Louis II says:

    Dude.. you’ve been awesome to us; keep being awesome where ever you go! (and stop by often!)

  33. anonymous says:

    Thank you for everything!

  34. frozentoad says:

    Thanks for all your time and efforts, they were greatly appreciated.

  35. supaduck says:

    Thank you for the memories!

  36. bill hates says:

    I am happy this site is shutting down. I have never seen so much shit before, all the adruino toaster ovens to the powered buttplugs you people “hack”….. You. Will not be missed
    Bill hates


  37. steve says:

    Thanks for the ride Eliot. It’s been a good one.

  38. Jordan says:

    It’s sad to see you go. We’ll miss you.

  39. ^Â^ says:

    Thank you for the works!
    Keep freaking!
    Peace from the Netherlands

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