Multi-screen video with Ipod


[Marco Tempest] has developed some software called MultiVid that allows synchronized video across multiple iPhone or iPod Touch devices. For this to work, all of the devices must be connected to the same WiFi network. Playback can be controlled from any one of the iPhones/iPod Touches or from the Mac running the controller software. There is of course the option of connecting to larger monitors through a video output cable. The app also supports OSC. We’ve embedded the example video as well as a video detailing the software setup after the break.

The client software is available at the apps store and controller software can be downloaded from [Marco's] website. Both are free which is our favorite price point.

Example video of MultiVid in action

How to setup and use MultiVid

[Thanks tommEE]

Update 9/6/09: We contacted Marco because this app was MIA from the App Store. He responded promptly to let us know that his app is “still in approval limbo”. He’s going to contact us when it is approved and we’ll be sure to pass on the update to you.


  1. Cliff says:

    Nothing for Windows?

  2. 36Chambers says:

    This could be interesting at live events, for the people who aren’t as close as they would like to be.

  3. googfan says:

    i wonder if you could make a huge tv with thousands of ipods. each one a “pixel”

    when ur far away enough, it would all blend together

  4. Duck says:

    That’s awesome, is there a way to send out different video to each iPod and have them all playing different clips simultaneously?

  5. ZERO16LIVES says:

    This is cool but I only have one iPod and no Mac :(

  6. M4CGYV3R says:

    Sweet, how do I use it without Mac crap?

  7. Duck says:

    Lol, get one of them Mac Crap things?


    I guess you’ll have to wait for them to either release a Windows copy of the software, or make your own?

  8. Ned Scott says:

    There is no MultiVid app on the App Store.

  9. Collin says:

    For all of you people complaining about not having a mac. Find yourself a copy of VMWare. And to Duck, what would be the point of coding software that streamed separate videos to each iPod? The iPod can already do that on its own just fine.

  10. Jack says:

    @Collin You could have synchronized video from different angles, or combine a few iphones to make a larger screen, similar to what you can do with 4 xbox 360’s and four TV’s with forza motorsport 2, or 3 of each for forza 1.

  11. McSquid says:

    I would like to see this done with audio. although im sure it wouldnt be too difficult. it would be great for finally creating that silent rave from the walkman commercial. (at least i think it was walkman. the little blue guy?)

  12. Duck says:

    >And to Duck, what would be the point of coding software that streamed separate videos to each iPod? The iPod can already do that on its own just fine.

    I was intending for use with the AV out, allowing remote control of video on screens.
    I’m investigating other alternatives from MultiScreen for doing displays :)
    Here’s my blog post review on MultiScreen:

  13. Collin says:

    Ahh I see, that makes sense. I was wondering if there would be shown a multi screen iTouch video display. I just assumed the reason they didn’t show it was do to that fact that it might be impossible to accurately sync the devices together due to the 1/2 second lag.

  14. CB says:

    I can think of a couple reasons for running more than 1 video across a group ipod/iphones. If you were in a lecture or some sort of group participation event, making a selection from a bannk of options would give different videos (think of those choose-your-path books). Choice A gives you the correct answer video and Choice B gives you the wrong answer explanation video. This sort of application has tons of real world use. Very cool!

  15. windrago says:

    there’s no MultiVid on the appstore – what’s the exact name or url to get it?

  16. Sp`ange says:

    I don’t see this as a really big deal. It’s just synchronized playback of the same file. There’s no streaming or multi-plexing involved. Is the host even really necessary for this other than putting the files on to the device? It would be nice to see this evolve further to at least multiplexing.

  17. -pill.head- says:

    love the TvPod comment this could be a new ter “iPixel”….lmao

  18. -pill.head- says:

    ^ “term”

  19. elamar says:

    This app is not in the appstore, is it on cydia

  20. Mike Szczys says:

    It seems the iPhone app part of this software is not to be found. I’ve put in an email to Marco about it and will post an update when I hear back.

  21. Mike Szczys says:

    Marco responded promptly to let us know that his app is still going through the approval process. We’ll update the post when more information is available.

  22. bob says:


  23. Julien says:

    Excellent. This is a nice use of the iPhone/iPod. You might be interested to check what we are doing ( concerning multi-screen and other synchronized display. It is not using the iPod, but our own device. However the result is very similar and would be more targeted at professional application.
    Have fun with the best toy in the world… the iPhone :-)

  24. elamar says:

    Has their been any updates from apple about when it will be released, or have they added this one to its list of Great Apps Rejected!

  25. david cow says:

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