OpenGL on the Didj

[Losinggeneration] managed to get a homebrew OpenGL application working on the Didj. It’s nice to see the community driven work advance on this device but something else also caught our attention from the forum post. Another poster pointed out that [losinggeneration] has files in one of his directories called “glquake-didj” and “glquake-didj.dbg”. We hope that means a working version of Quake is on the way for the hackable handheld.

[Thanks JJ Dasher]


  1. sethj says:


    that thing will be running nintendo roms in no time!

  2. 0xDEADBEEF says:

    But what is the point of a working Quake port if it can’t even play DOOM yet?

  3. I think Doom will probably happen first, but glQuake (that build is completely broken BTW) is a slightly longer term project to get ported :)

  4. The Moogle says:

    On another note I have almost finished building all the pre orders of the DJHI :)

    and started working on a basic manual

  5. AnthonyDi says:

    I wonder what the frame rate is.

  6. blue carbuncle says:

    This project is coming along nicely :) Good job to all involved and keep up the good work :)

  7. M4CGYV3R says:

    Man, OpenGL works on everything. I think my toothbrush can even run it.

  8. SpeedBall says:

    @Moogle: Got my (blue LED) hardware yesterday. WAY too little time today, but I’ve started…

  9. sariel says:

    I seriously need to get one of those cards. My didj has been sitting in my project box since i bought it off woot! Been kinda busy with other things though, still would love to get into this project and add something to the community.

  10. Paul Potter says:

    Coming on nicely I see.

  11. Having some experience with 3d engine coding. It looks like the texture mapped cube is about the limit for this device. Don’t expect quake to run on this ;) It’s obviously already touching its limits with 1 cube, that is texture mapping only 12 triangles (6 after backface skulling…)

    Still cool hack, and anyway it beats a propellor chip and most atmega’s here for a cheap price ;)

  12. JJ says:

    Its not an underpowered device.
    They have full 3D games for the didj, and they run fine:

    Quake will run great I bet…

  13. @JJ
    Indeed it seems to run 3d games as well!

    Still the above example is not running as smooth as I’d expect with only 12 triangles. I implemented a smoother spinning texture mapped cube on a pentium 166Mhz with 32Mb of ram way back in the 90s ;). Still great work to get stuff running on the proprietary didj though. How is that quake port going btw?

    What strikes me most is that there is a large audience/demand for an open source hardware device but no supply for it. Some company should just create/sell some hardware running on linux and let the community do the rest. Bit like an arduino but in this case a handheld with touchscreen, wifi, io-port and a good lipo battery. The io-port to connect cheap servo’s and sensors for all robotics and household hacks.

    If they can get the hardware price low enough it should be an instance success. The gp2x gets really close to that idea, only with a price tag so close to the psp and no wifi, why bother?

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