Windows 7 tablet in a carbon fiber case

If you’re not one of Apple’s devoted following the iPad means little more than new hardware you won’t use. Tired of being left out in the cold, [Slampana] built himself a Windows 7 tablet. He grabbed the motherboard and 13.4″ screen from an MSI X320, added a resistive touch screen, USB hub, internal WiFi and Bluetooth, then wrapped it up in a custom-built carbon case. It’s small, sleek, and comes in at around $600-$700. Start your drooling as you watch the demo after the break.

[Thanks Rich via Gizmag]


  1. Mikey says:

    Video is broken.

  2. Haku says:

  3. NatureTM says:

    I’d like to see more info about the carbon fiber case. Looks like he used a kit available for $89.

  4. Justin says:

    Video can be found on youtube here:

  5. fartface says:

    It needs a R-type sticker, a fart can and a skyhook wing…

    Maybe a “Fast and Furious sticker” as well.

    Carbon-fiber is ricer.

  6. Cybercaos says:

    Just curious how much does it weigh?

  7. notoriousalpha says:

    Fartface knows nothing about cars obviously, carbon fiber has forever changed Formula 1,and all the way to Nascar.
    That being said..
    VERY well put together Tablet, i want to see how the accelerometer was integrated…

    All in all, very crafty sir!!!!
    any chance of capacitive touch being added?

  8. Volfram says:

    Eeeeeeeeeeeew, resistive touch screen. I’d have much preferred to embed a Wacom tablet behind the LCD, with all of the challenges that naturally entails.

    Other than that, roughly what I was planning on doing until I found out that the HP Touchsmart tablets have real graphics cards and can be had for less cash and effort than I would have needed to expend to build it myself.

    I think my favorite tablet build is the guy who stuffed a Macbook and laptop screen inside of a Wacom Intuos, though.

  9. eggnoglatte says:

    3.3 pounds? Ouch. Also, what is the battery life?

  10. fotoflojoe says:

    Meh, he use an arduino.

    I KID! I KID!

    Nice work! Carbon fiber FTW!

  11. anonymitee says: Behold –capacitive. Or am I misunderstanding? I thought digikey’s a go-to for this kind of stuff

  12. Victor says:

    [b]Windows 7 on iPad[/b]

  13. solex says:

    Awesome build, though I cringe a bit at the carbon, since it looks like it was made with a positive mold, and no pressure/vacuum. If carbon’s done right, it looks really good, and if it’s done wrong, it looks quite mediocre.

  14. andrew says:


    I’m all for commercial alternatives but, really? HP touchsmart = 4.72 lbs and 1.03″ thick

  15. cpmike says:

    I’m impressed with the clean appearance, and for being homebrew that’s really nicely done. I would much rather something fully featured like this to have laying around, rather than an ipad… anybody have more information on that case he used?

    @victor: RDP doesn’t count, in that case I could say I currently run windows7 on my cellphone.

  16. Kelsey says:

    Only thing i noticed that seemed to be annoying is the chugging noise whenever the video had sound. almost seemed like it was noise coming from the harddrive.

  17. rob says:

    I always wanted a computer that I had to hold in one hand and type with the other two hands. Must be difficult using porn sites.

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