Nexus One As USB Host


[Sven Killig] Has managed to get his Nexus One into USB host mode. This allows him to plug in all kinds of peripherals such as web cams, keyboards, even a displaylink unit. This is fantastic as it really opens up the possibilities of this device. You can see that he now has an amazingly functional and portable system running. He mentions that it is pretty stable unless he runs big programs, we wonder if he has added any RAM to it. It is worth noting that the Droid can be USB host as well.

11 thoughts on “Nexus One As USB Host

  1. My Neo Freerunner can do that by design intention. This is in no way new. Also, some ‘braindead’ chinese USB hubs also provide power upstream. You can plug the hub to the phone, plug in peripherals, etc and then plug in power adaptor to the hub. Your phone charges and your peripherals work. I dunno if the nexus one can have separately controlled usb power direction and host/slave mode though.

  2. forgot to mention: i think this could be interesting on a bike or something – you plug your phone as host somewhere and it automatically charges fron onboard battery and at the same time connects to some on-dash buttons to make controlling music going through bluetooth headset easy for example.

  3. *Off-topic*Woow , your quite slow hackaday!. This was news from last week or something? [/off-topic]

    Its a nice hack but, why would you want to watch a movie on such a small screen. Takes all the fun out of it.

  4. Wow, this is a blast! Truly a great hack.

    But there is one thing I have to get off of my chest:
    Being Bavarian myself I had ample opportunities to enjoy the cruelties our language bestows upon other tongues. Nonetheless this was the thickest German accent I have ever heard.

  5. @fr3sc0 “Its a nice hack but, why would you want to watch a movie on such a small screen. Takes all the fun out of it.”

    Well, quite often I see people on the train watching TV shows/movies on their phones.

    Being able to plug your phone into a monitor is fantastic – I guess we’re one step closer to having all the computer you need in a pocket device where you can dock wherever you want.

  6. Whats the adapter used for video out. IS it usb to DVI cable or special adapter ? Whats d max resolution supported..
    With this can I connect a video glass to a nexus one (with some adapter like usb to RCA) ?

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