Windows 7 Tablet In A Carbon Fiber Case

If you’re not one of Apple’s devoted following the iPad means little more than new hardware you won’t use. Tired of being left out in the cold, [Slampana] built himself a Windows 7 tablet. He grabbed the motherboard and 13.4″ screen from an MSI X320, added a resistive touch screen, USB hub, internal WiFi and Bluetooth, then wrapped it up in a custom-built carbon case. It’s small, sleek, and comes in at around $600-$700. Start your drooling as you watch the demo after the break.


[Thanks Rich via Gizmag]

17 thoughts on “Windows 7 Tablet In A Carbon Fiber Case

  1. Fartface knows nothing about cars obviously, carbon fiber has forever changed Formula 1,and all the way to Nascar.
    That being said..
    VERY well put together Tablet, i want to see how the accelerometer was integrated…

    All in all, very crafty sir!!!!
    any chance of capacitive touch being added?

  2. Eeeeeeeeeeeew, resistive touch screen. I’d have much preferred to embed a Wacom tablet behind the LCD, with all of the challenges that naturally entails.

    Other than that, roughly what I was planning on doing until I found out that the HP Touchsmart tablets have real graphics cards and can be had for less cash and effort than I would have needed to expend to build it myself.

    I think my favorite tablet build is the guy who stuffed a Macbook and laptop screen inside of a Wacom Intuos, though.

  3. Awesome build, though I cringe a bit at the carbon, since it looks like it was made with a positive mold, and no pressure/vacuum. If carbon’s done right, it looks really good, and if it’s done wrong, it looks quite mediocre.

  4. I’m impressed with the clean appearance, and for being homebrew that’s really nicely done. I would much rather something fully featured like this to have laying around, rather than an ipad… anybody have more information on that case he used?

    @victor: RDP doesn’t count, in that case I could say I currently run windows7 on my cellphone.

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