GBA emulator ported to Didj

Tired of messing with the hardware of the Didj you picked up? Now you can use it for gaming on that last road trip of the summer. A Game Boy Advanced emulator has been ported for use on both the Didj and the Explorer. You’ll have to dig up a copy of the original bios for a GBA as well as some ROMs, but the rest seems pretty straight forward. We are still holding out hope for Doom or Quake on the Didj, but this will help us wait a bit longer.

[Thanks Nirvous via Rosincore]

18 thoughts on “GBA emulator ported to Didj

  1. So what your saying is that POS is finally worth buying? Good show people I love to see a good game of pokemon on non-Nintendo hardware.

  2. Good job! As if I didn’t want one of these bad enough :P

    Also, @Mike: It’s called the Game Boy Advance. Although it was quite advanced, for its time/price point.

  3. F’ing SWEET!!!
    I know what I’m doing this weekend! It looks like they’re working on porting the explorer kernel to the didj and that there is a patch for mounting the sd card! I hope other emulators follow suit; I knew there was a reason I bought 2 of these!

  4. The actual GBA version of Doom almost runs on actual GBA hardware.
    It has always sucked. I’m not ready to blame the hardware on that one.

  5. I got really excited about this until I read this:

    LF Device Prerequisites:

    64MB RAM (Leapster Explorer. A stock Didj cannot run the emulator at this time)


  6. @JJ
    It is now possible to run the emu on the Didj. The sound is distorted, but I was able to play MarioKart just fine. Some fine tuning and it should be tip top.

  7. If you modify the “bios” or “OS” of the Explorer, does this render it useless for normal use with Explorer cartridges?

  8. I’m so very confused by all of these sites…. I am NOT computer literate at all and just bought my kids a didj for $10 at walmart yesterday. I’ve been searching for games on google but there seem to be none. All I can find is information on turning the system into something else. Would that be appropriate for a 6 and 4 year old?

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