2 Foot Tall POV Globe

[Ytai] let us know about his POV globe, all four parts of its current progress. While he says he was inspired to write up the project from a YouTube clip, we know the real reason. Regardless, the plan is to have a 2 foot diameter globe with 256 LEDs spinning at 50 revolutions per second streaming images from an SD card using SPI. While the project isn’t completed yet, we know [Ytai] will pull through like he has in the past, and you can be sure we’ll keep you up to date on his progress.

18 thoughts on “2 Foot Tall POV Globe

  1. Why post this? It’s not even finished. On that note, I have some interesting radio trackers/transmitters I’m working on, and some shift-register LED matrices that are about 1/10th finished. I also have some documents about what I’d LIKE to do, since you’re now posting hopes and dreams.

  2. 50 fps? holy crap. I’m barely hopeful for 30fps with 16 RGB LEDs…
    Can’t wait to see this if it works :D. It’ll be nice to not have the crap aliasing/flickering effects from bad combinations of LEDs and digital cameras.

  3. so if I post a wooden box with a intent it will be on the front page

    I see both sides of the coin, yea its going to be cool, the guy does have a good track record, but …

    and dont troll the trolls, especially if your staff, that just encourages everyone

  4. He shouldn’t use led’s for this big outdoor model.
    Globe that size would require like more than 1k led with the strongest mcd. Anyways this will only work out for him at nights.

  5. @ M4CGYV3R

    I honestly don’t think it’s a bad idea showing a build in progress. If this is a community instead of just news print for us to read, then we can comment, make suggestions, speculate on outcomes. There are benefits to be had. That said, it probably would be best addressed in a section of its own.

  6. It’s not the ‘alt’ attribute, but the ‘title’ attribute that causes tooltips to be displayed! The alt text is normally only visible if your browser does not display images (links/lynx/etc.). Your have to RTFS of the page to see the alt text in a modern graphical browser.

  7. I have had my share of spinning globes, and have lost all interest in such “hacks”. The only thing that I like about this project is that it should have the ability to decapitate a person. I am guessing that it will only be useful in complete dark; This is cool, because if the LED’s are off, then you won’t be able to see where the spinning parts are, and will easily mame yourself on it.

    I want to see someone lose a hand to this project xD

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