Timed shot-glass won’t let you stop drinking

[Drewbagd] was inspired by the 555 timer contest and decided to make this his very first electronics project. It’s an accessory for a drinking game called the Power Hour. The game (if you could call it that) consists of contestants drinking one shot of beer every minute for one hour. [Drewbagd] points out that timing the shots can be an issue and so he decided to augment each shot glass with its own timer.

He added a base that consists of a ring of LEDs surrounding a 555 timer and the cap and resistors. This causes the timer to oscillate from illuminated for a few seconds (drink) to dark for one minute (refill). He calls it the Powered Power Hour. The video after the break shows off the functionality, and it hints at a bright future for [Drewbagd] as an infomercial Emcee.

He’s got a supporting post that detail the electronics and outline some of the prototyping issues. We were happy to hear that when he got stuck he found help over on Hackaday’s forums. Thank you to all who participate in the community by sharing their knowledge.


  1. mattbed says:

    Power hour sounds like a wimpy version of the centurian, 100 shots of beer (1 per min) every min for 100 mins…

  2. Matt says:

    In the UK we call this centurion but its 100 shots. A recent version of the game named ‘Sparta’ has gained less favour!

  3. Gdogg says:

    In Canada we do centurion, too. I once did 186 shots in 186 minutes, plus a few shots on vodka in between, and woke up with a shaved spot on my head.

  4. Fallen says:

    That’s only around 5-6 beers right?

  5. Hirudinea says:

    The guys from AA are comming around to kick your ass.

  6. Hackersmith says:

    @Fallen [Warning Math Nerdiness Ahead]

    Well if we assume a regulated shot at 1.5oz,
    and 60 shots (for Power Hour) makes 90oz consumed,
    with a drink being assumed to be a pint (16 oz) were looking at….

    1.5*60/16 = 5.625 drinks (about 1 pint per 10.6667 minutes). That’s only 7.5 12-ouncers (like you get in a 12 pack). There are guys that do way more then that at a tailgate party.

    (A centurion is 9.375 drinks over an 1h40m with the same consumption rate)

  7. brimstoner says:

    Frack the UK and its tiny shot glasses. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shot_glass

  8. Wreck Diver says:

    We called this “The Century Club” at Michigan Tech. 2oz Shots, 1 per minute for 100 minutes. LOTS of beer and VERY hard to do. Did it once, wont ever do it again. Cool hack though it allows for everybody to drink instead of having a person staying sober to keep the timer running. :)

  9. Swankie says:

    tiny shots of beer? and then its probably american beer too with almost no alcohol? lame.

  10. Swankie says:

    the shotglass itself is cool though.

  11. Gdogg says:

    We do it with 5% beer, and it’s typically 1.5oz. The most difficult part is actually stomaching the volume. Your belly fills up, and most people puke but feel fine after.

  12. jim says:

    hmm. twenty units is kind of a lot in an hour. maybe just chug a dozen shots instead?

  13. Myke says:

    @Hackersmith: How about you start using real units and not some shaky measures from the middle ages?

    According to my calculations you consume 2,66l of beer. So 5,3 bottles.

  14. Badwolf says:

    Shots of beer?
    what are you..kids?
    60 shot of Double Cross Vodka…CMON! =D

  15. DakSotM says:

    I’ve done the power hour “game” and while there isn’t a lot of beer involved (90 oz = 7.5 beers @ 12 oz beers) the foam (take a shot of beer and dump it in a pint glass) from shotting a shot of BEER(not at fist but at 30 or 40 you start to hate this game) will mess you up. As a side note: that is one of those games I will only do once ;-)

  16. Fallen says:

    Alright so 5-6 beers. That’s what I was thinking. If it was me doing it, I’d forgo the shot glass shenanigans and just say drink 1 bottle every 10 minutes. I’d imagine it would be a lot less messy lol.

  17. Pete says:

    This might be “the line” AA talks about crossing…

  18. Bill says:

    I think alot of you are missing the point, this isn’t about getting hammered, it’s about not puking.

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