Incredible 1000 mW Iron Man repulsor beam


German lab technician by day, hacker by night [Patrick Priebe] has done it again, this time strapping a ridiculously high-powered laser to the palm of his hand. Earlier this year, we showed you an awesome Neodymium:YAG pulse laser pistol he built, and it seems he never takes a rest from constructing crazy laser projects.

[Patrick] is a huge Iron Man fan, and his palm-mounted laser unit was built as an ode to his all-time favorite super hero. Crafted to invoke images of Iron Man’s repulsor beam, his laser uses a 1000 mw 445 nm laser diode to get the job done. if you happen to be keeping track, that makes his DIY laser just as powerful as the WickedLasers Spyder 3 Arctic – THE benchmark in portable handheld lasers.

Like his previous builds, we can’t seem to find a whole lot of information about the laser’s construction process. We do know however, that the unit was crafted from a 2mm thick sheet of brass, which fits nicely on his hand while simultaneously acting as a very large heat sink. This large surface area allows him to run the laser continuously for three minutes before requiring a cool down, which is no small feat.

We think it’s an awesome project, and as you can see by the videos of the three separate revisions it has undergone, [Patrick] is quite serious when it comes to perfecting his wares.





  1. RooTer says:

    Can help but think that if he solds it to some kid there will be only trouble (poor neighbours)…

    But still cool hack.

  2. hboy007 says:

    Congratulations Zero, you made it!


    Seriously guys, this is cool BUT everyone around needs approved OD6+ goggles for safety reasons.
    Even with a diffuse image the optical power alone is enough to do serious damage, this is like looking into 50 suns.

  4. phas says:

    why should he sell an high power, costly, handheld laser to “some kids”, for the god’s sake?

  5. xorpunk says:


    Every toddler should have one..

    why not MW?

  6. Romulous_Prime says:

    High powered lasers and a Pantera tattoo. Respect to you, sir!

  7. Alex Parting says:

    you mean 1W?

  8. ferdie says:

    is it me off is 1000mw te same as 1 watt power
    but this thing is cool but not a toy just 1nano sec and you never can whats porn on internet or take a look on hackaday

  9. xorpunk says:

    @GuiltyPixel: You’re just a commenter, and only one. Good bye.

  10. EFH says:

    I’m sorry, but this is just stoopid dangerous. I can’t think of a good reason for creating something with which it’s so easy to cause such serious eye damage.

  11. password says:

    ooooooh shinyyyyy

  12. 1000100 1000001 1010110 1000101 says:

    Cool project…and cool CFH tat…still miss Dime.

  13. oodain says:

    now only the human genome stands between me and an army of super soldiers!!!

    (insert evil laugh)

  14. Augur says:

    What would happen if you put two of the 1w laser diodes together and combined the beams? Would the net output be more powerful?

    Sorry… Just getting into lasers..

  15. sariel says:

    does it make me weird for wanting this to become a vigilante?

  16. that1guy says:

    The laser is awesome of course, but I’m also really impressed by his “enclosure” or whatever you want to call it. Very very cool and it’s obvious this guy knows what he’s doing.

  17. sneakypoo says:

    I think it would look even better if he [word for the opposite of collimated] the beam a bit to make it fatter. Naturally it would make igniting matches and the like a bit of a hassle but I think the effect would look even better. Very polished project overall though.

  18. seymourbutts says:

    lol @ 1000mW!

    I do suppose it has a bigger draw than 1W though…

    Awesome project regardless!

  19. casd12 says:

    Don’t look at it with your REMAINING EYE.

  20. 4ndreas says:

    I build something similar years ago with leds

    five 3mm leds to flash and 8 smd leds blinking controlled by an atiny microcontroller..

  21. M4CGYV3R says:

    So…it’s a 1-Watt blue laser? I have two of those I take to the clubs at night.

  22. M4CGYV3R says:

    You could also have gone with “1,000,000 uW Repulsor!”

  23. andar_b says:

    As Sneakypoo said, I think this would be so much more interesting if he could keep the light collimated with a beam width of a couple inches. It’d be more like an Iron Man spotlight, but still cool.

  24. password says:

    yes yes 1000mW = 1w.
    The thing is its a sort of convention to use mW for laser. Except when you talking multiple watt laser ie a 100w lasers.

  25. Mike says:

    Yes, but when is going to make a pulse rifle in the 90W range?

  26. Faelenor says:

    1W looks so much more powerful than 1W!

  27. Faelenor says:

    Hmm, I meant 1000 mW looks so much more powerful than 1W!

  28. steve says:

    With the remaining eye – please don’t look into the laser beam!

  29. alan says:

    Pft, 1,000,000,000,000 pico Watt laser sounds pretty weak,,,

    @ Augur
    According to Dr Egon Spenglar, it is not advisable to “cross the streams”.

  30. maddhat says:

    A lot of haters here.. as password stated, it’s just normal for the rating to be listed in mW (example site: Disappointing to see so little actual discussion on the project in these comments.

    I, for one, thought it was a very well refined project. I’d be interested to see construction details of this device.

  31. that1guy says:

    You guys are ALL wrong. This isn’t 1000mW laser. It’s a 1.21 JIGGAWATT (/1.21*10^9) laser.

  32. matt says:

    - keep fingers clear -

  33. Maave says:

    1W isn’t too uncommon in the laser community but that is some GOOD cooling. Props to him on that.

  34. Erik Johnson says:

    mW, W, whatever. The terminology will shift as things become common just as storage space did. 2048MB???? 10240mb? Now We’ve shifted to GB, next TB

  35. jordan says:

    That is a REALLY well finished product! It looks fantastic, and I really like the way it clips on one side of the hand.

    Sure it’s dangerous and probably a bad idea in the first place, but I know from experience just how much fun wielding laser beams around is!

  36. tim says:

    i will wait for MARK-iV,
    with a 5W diode

  37. jimbob says:

    1000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 mega billion gazillillion quadrillion micro pic nano watts !!!!11!!1!!!!

    or the same as the keychain flashlight i own.

  38. fazlee says:

    he should try 10 laser instead of 1. :)

  39. Sam says:

    That reminds me of the Goa’uld Hand Device, except that it uses a red style beam, but it’s a great invention :D

  40. vic says:

    1000mW has 4 significant digits, 1W has only one, so it’s not exactly the same thing. Using standard rounding rules 1W could actually be 0.6W or 1.3W, 1000mW could not.

    Nothing to say about the actual build, though :D

  41. Patrick says:

    Would never sell anything like this to teens or kids. I doubt they could afford it :)

    Always cool to get such a great feedback :)

    I do have other hobbies btw…dont think I am a full time nerd :) ice hockey, cardio and fitness

    Pantera \m/ :)

  42. d03x says:

    dangerous in foolish hands , you have to use eyes protection.
    Peligroso en manos necias, hay que usarlo con gafas protectoras especiales.

  43. Stryker says:

    I actually lol’ed when I saw this. 1000mW? I’m taking college classes where we’re dealing with 80+W, or 80,000+mW. Lolz.

    And, of course, props to the builder: cooling the laser is no easy task. Blue is better, of course, for temperature purposes, and the brass fittings work nicely. :)

  44. …Arctic laser, *the* benchmark? Ilol’d.
    They are the worst lasers. Ever.
    They systematically fake their specs.
    They don’t always ship.
    They are the worst choice possible.

  45. Robert says:

    Someone HAS to say this eventually:
    “You’ll poke your eye out, kid.”

    What is your source for the laser?

    Very nicely enclosure & switching system.

  46. Whatnot says:

    With the popularity of more and more powerful lasers and youtubes how to make them I wonder what the actual figures are in the US of people with eye damage, I mean it MUST be quite high right?

    (This is typically something that takes longer than I care to waste time on it to google and get the actual numbers rather than projections and fear articles.)

  47. DemonPostbox says:

    Awesome! Barely a repulsor but still simply brilliant nonetheless! Nice work dude!

  48. Ace Arhum says:

    Is it 1000 “mega” or “milli” watt??

  49. m@x says:


  50. Andre Duran says:

    I really want to buy a pair of them, please. Oh, and a helmet, chestplate, shoulder anti-personnel guns, jet-boots and an arc reactor !
    Do you accept Visa ?

    Come on, the guy knows how to build some laser !

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