Any flavor sports drink at the push of a button

[Sage Spate] wasn’t happy with the boring flavors of orange, blue, or red sports drinks. He decided to mix it up by building this flavor-mixing drink dispenser.

He modified the caps for each bottle to work with an air-pressure system. This way the bottles themselves serve as the reservoir and can easily be replaced when empty. Each cap has two openings, one is used by the dispenser nozzle and includes a hose that will reach all the way to the bottom of the bottle. The other hole connects to an air pump. Raising the pressure in the bottle forces sports drink up and out of the dispenser hose.

One air pump is used for all three reservoirs with a set of solenoids to enable each flavor individually. [Andreas] sent in the tip and mentioned that some of the parts are salvaged from an ink jet printer but we’re not sure which ones. At any rate, the next step in the project is to add Arduino control which will allow for custom mixing based on preset recipes.

We’ve embedded the demo video after the break.


  1. Go aWy Batin says:

    Brawndo !!

    It’s got Electroytes !

  2. Nate says:

    It is called Coca-Cola Freestyle in a more evolved state.

  3. Yoen says:

    I see this as the first prototype of a drink mixing robot. Increase the number of hooked yup fluid containers, route all fluid outlets to a fixed position over a glass, code the fluid combinations and quantities for different drinks and let users select drinks from a touchscreen. I need one making me a steady supply of gin and tonics on hot summer days!

  4. escott says:

    Dude, this has totally got what plants crave.

  5. Cabe says:

    Excellent work, Is it using air line distribution solenoids or something else?

  6. Microguy says:

    Yeah, but seriously, those sports drinks will eat your teeth up big time. One of the worst things you can drink.

  7. 'Duino says:

    Is this drink dispenser build also using a breast pump?

  8. Cyril says:


    (yet another arduino as a switch)

  9. K!P says:

    stop hating on the arduino, its a way for new people to get into electronics. Evrytime i hear whining about the use of the arduino all i hear ubernerds scared shitless that their skill is somehow less.

    Just enjoy the projects people make!

  10. bflorea says:

    This project is great for a high precision cocktail making robot.

  11. Salocin says:

    how do you manage to control which way the air pressure is supposed to go? thx

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