HANDMADE.hackaday: Celebrate Craftsmanship

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Today we are quite excited to announce HANDMADE.hackaday. HANDMADE is a place where we celebrate craftsmanship. Usually in the form of a stunning video, or a beautiful image gallery. We will also be sharing extremely detailed DIY projects as well as tutorials.  Hop on over and take a peek for yourself to see what you’re in for, but be prepared to clear your schedule, you’re not leaving any time soon.

We are also producing some videos of our own for this that we hope you’ll like.

A personal note:

I am personally so excited about HANDMADE. I’ve been wanting to put this together for a very very long time. I eagerly consume every video of this nature I stumble across, often putting them full screen, high def, and putting in headphones. Any of you who know me personally will attest that getting my full attention on any single thing ever is a daunting task. Also note that these videos usually last several entire minutes; a lifetime in my attention span.

Watching people make things, while applying a practiced and refined skill is almost a religious experience for me. This is creation. I hope some of you will enjoy this area as much as I do.


  1. Ren says:

    Go-fer it!

  2. CB4 says:

    cudo’s for expanding your empire and keeping Hackaday focused on tech.

  3. Ville Kukko-Liedes says:

    Not another site that I have to check ten times a day.. Next one should be ALL.hackaday for people who wan’t to see all of your content in one stream. Possible?

  4. Jeremy Cook says:

    Good idea, I’m sure I’ll have some submissions for you!

  5. Ren says:

    I’m having trouble posting to the homemade lathe article…

  6. somedude says:

    That layout looks nice, unlike the first one that was on LIFE.

  7. Eirinn says:

    You’ll probably love this one even though it’s commercial’ish :) http://vimeo.com/60647216

  8. Frank Cohen says:

    Finally! We can stop hearing ‘not a hack’ by commenters.

  9. reggie says:

    Your timing is impeccable, just as I’ve had a load of wood working bench tools donated to me. There are some fantastic examples of work out there made with some pretty simple/cheap tools, it’ll be great to see some kind of crossover with electronics getting some decent cases instead of the bland plastic stuff we see a lot of!!

    I’d like to see posts about stuff with scroll saws, not just fine fretwork but compound cutting, bowls, boxes, stuff made with DIY laminates of fancy wood etc. Bandsaw boxes are really a treat to watch being constructed too.

  10. Andrew says:

    Now, we really, really need concat.hackaday.com to concatenate posts from all these HaD flavors.

  11. Haku says:

    How about you bring back full articles on the front page instead of splitting off yet more content?!

  12. This is awesome. Will put this in my reader right away. As a glass artist I was awed by the image above. Can’t wait to see the new content.

  13. gnounc says:

    Cool BUT.
    article shows image with play controls, and does not link to a video.

  14. anglophony says:

    I’ve always thought that both old science and old tech should be revisited in light of modern day advances .
    Please carry on ,Caleb

  15. DosX says:

    can’t complain tis interesting thus far.

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