The Thunderball jetpack becomes a quadcopter


At the beginning of the fourth Bond film, 007 escapes from a French château with a jetpack. While the jetpack has yet to take off for those of us who aren’t secret agents, there is a way for anyone to fly just like Bond. It can’t lift a full-scale human yet, but [Rodger]‘s Project Thunderball can let a mannequin hover for several minutes.

The stand in for [Sean Connery] in [Rodger]‘s build is a 2.2 lb mannequin – actually an ‘inflatable companion’, if you will – stuffed with styrofoam peanuts. The actual jet pack is a quadcopter souped up with larger motors, propellers, and enough batteries to deliver 1kW. There’s no belt for this quad; the mannequin rides the machine like you would a horse, straddling the electronics while very high-speed props spin just inches away from the tender bits of an inflatable plastic doll.

[Rodger] is able to get about 8 minutes of hover time out of his quadpack, an impressive feat that also allows his flying machine to deliver beer and pizzas.


  1. Oh man, I can just imagine somebody passing by and seeing the dummy land flat on its face then laying motionless.

  2. John says:

    I’m picturing all the neighbors who were still out of the ‘loop’ calling the cops going “Yeah! really! There was a guy… flying down my street… on a weed eater! Or at least that’s what it sounded like”. :D

  3. Dave says:

    Would make a great gag for Halloween… just rig up a prop broom and a pointy hat on it!

  4. trol master 3000 says:

    I want to buy this for my mother in law.

  5. Hirudinea says:

    That is the Thunderballs! Not practical but cool!

  6. Mystick says:

    “Inflatable companion”….


  7. Dave says:

    World’s first manned flight with an electric multicopter

  8. nreyntje says:

    Is my idea for a quadcopter based, ceiling painting robot viable?
    I used the assumption 1 kw ==> 1 kg of lift based on the article. Is that correct?

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