16 thoughts on “The Rabbit Hole Hackerspace Sports a New Logo

  1. Before reading the article i cringed and thought…
    “Brace yourselves… a law suit is coming”
    After reading, i have to apologize. Thank you for not suing. In times of patents on rounded corners i am a little bit tense.

  2. We were worried about those types of issues too Tobias, but decided Hackaday would probably appreciate that a “hack” was done on their logo in true HaD fashion :)

  3. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, they say, and as long as the lawyers are kept at bay, all is good! Great logo!

  4. This is one cool logo! As I’m designing a logo for my first self-built guitar at the moment, I know it is not easy… I have drawn a bunch of them now and I am not satisfied yet…
    Great job!

  5. My only suggestion would be to outline the gear teeth in white where they overlap the wrenches. It would make the open source hardware logo more recognizable.

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