Walkalong Heart Glider


[Darcy Whyte] is a bit of a paper plane aficionado, so in preparation for this year’s Valentine’s day (that’s one month from today!) he’s created a flying Walkalong heart glider you can make yourself!

First off, what’s a Walkalong glider? Well, it’s a type of toy airplane made out of a light material with geometry that allows for a very slow descent — one that can be extended almost indefinitely if you walk behind it to create a slight draft. [Darcy] has made a whole bunch of these in all different shapes and sizes, and even got to fly them around the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum for a Walkalong Glider Meetup!

He’s since created the do it yourself Walkalong heart glider which can easily fit inside a card for a very unique Valentine’s memento. It does require a foam cutter to make, but [Darcy] also has plans on his site for a DIY hot-wire foam cutter that costs less than $10 to build!

It’s a cute little project — stick around after the break to see how it’s done!


  1. static says:

    A Valentine gift with assembly required, first I seen of that. Even if your sweetheart is a female and on the geek/nerdy side it’s probably advisable that the card containing the glider be attached to box of candy,perfume,or other luxury that she likes.

    • notdave says:

      dunno if you’ve looked around at your fellow brethren as of late, but an inventive/creative mind, plus the time, care and craftsmanship that goes into making something as a gift could be considered a ‘luxury’ these days. spend some time coming up with a few kind and meaningful words, and she’ll melt faster than that box of chocolates (you got at the drugstore day-of) on a hot day on mars. going rate for ‘buying stuff’ is a dime/dz.

    • Fungus says:

      Yeah, “buying stuff” really shows how much you care…

    • Luke says:

      Either you’re shit at making stuff — in which case, I feel bad for you — or all the girls you’ve been with a vain gold diggers — in which case, you gotta do better.

  2. Joseph says:

    I had never heard of a walkalong glider. Very cool.

  3. fm` says:

    That reminds me of making gliders out of aspen leaves.

  4. Chris Rennie says:


  5. Phil Rossoni says:

    No, no, it’s the woman who gets the aviation buff this card! If he succeeds in flying it for 30 seconds, then she’ll be impressed!!! Some species of flying frog only do so to mate on the forest floor.

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