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  1. I used for the last 2 years all programs and methods discussed in the article above and every guide doom9.org had to offer.
    I am using now DVD Decrypter (dvddecrypter.com) and then Dr. Divx (divx.com) with great results.
    Yes, Dr. Divx is not free but compared with the endless hours I wasted because I created divx movies with the Audio being out of sync or countless other problems I do appreciate a one-click reliable solution, even if I have to pay for it. I think, its well worth it. (No, I am not related to this company, I just am happy about a no-fuss product)

  2. I have a Region 2 DVD that I received as a gift — it would be great to figure out some way to rip it to a format that could be burned to a VCD that a standard US DVD player can play. Ideas?

  3. Actually with a mac its so much easier. I personally don’t own a dvd player don’t need one, I would rather hook my Powerbook up to my big screen and watch a movie in mp4 format. I use a program called handbrake. Its a free program and can rip about 95% of the movies I have thrown at it.

  4. I normally rip my movies into files about a gig in size then burn about 4 of them onto a data dvd and then back them up onto a firewire hd. You could also use quicktime pro to split the rip if you really wanted to put it on cd’s.

  5. Whats the point of coverting it to AVI then to some other format… if anything you want to rip to uncompressed mpeg2 and then to whatever format you wish so you don’t loose quality from converting from a lossy format (divx) to another possibly lossy format.

  6. In response to gotd0t, the ideal in my mind is to take the movie straight from the disc to the file you are going to store it in, one program, one move. Thats why I like doing it with handbrake on a mac. But I did mention that handbrake works for about 95%, the other 5% I have had to rip with DVDBackup, removing everything it removes, then reformatting it with DVD2onex making it just the movie, then I can get handbrake to see it and work. This works in the vast majority of that 5%.

  7. You may also want to consider DVDSHRINK. Granted it does not convert from one format to another, but if you just want to make a backup of a disc it is a pretty decent utility.

  8. I tried out a program called Vimodi a while back (before moving to Gordian Knot and more recently to AutoGK). Vidomi allowed for a master/slave setup where you can have a central machine distribute the workload among more than one machine but only in the respect that if you had more than one movie queued, it would put movie #1 on one machine and movie #2 on another. If you were converting a movie into say two CD-sized parts, machine 1 could work on part 1 and machine 2 could work on part 2. But the thing crashed or hung far too often for my liking. I don’t like waiting a couple/few hours to find out I need to reboot and try again.
    With AutoGK, I’ve queued dozens of videos at a time to process over a weekend while I was away. For something under such constant development, it’s remarkably stable a just works. It also has compatibility settings for stand-alone players such as the Philips DVP642 which can be had at Wal-Mart or Target for under $70. It plays Divx/Xvid. I prefer Xvid myself. You owe it to your self to at least TRY AutoGK. There’s a lot to be said for “set it and forget it”. Choosing a specific output filesize (such as 1 or 2 CD’s, or 1/4 DVD) results in a two-pass encode that always turns out nice. Choosing a compression percentage results in a single-pass (ie. a little faster but possibly not as efficient use of encoding) encode. Modern processors can handle this in faster than realtime (ie. a 2 hour movie will take less than 2 hours to convert).

  9. I use a program called DVDBackup to turn the DVD into a Video_TS folder with all the files inside. Then you can if you want use a program called DVD2to1 to force it to fit on to one DVD.

  10. I have a Region 2 DVD that I received as a gift — it would be great to figure out some way to rip it to a format that could be burned to a VCD that a standard US DVD player can play. Ideas?

    If you ahve a DVD burner just use DVD Shrink (free download) it will rip it and encode it region free and then use Nero to burn it to DVD. You can use another program but Nero works best with DVD shrink. Do NOT install Nero and Roxio at the same time I’ve had to reformat before after doing that. If you don’t have a DVD burner, the best thing to do is to either use AutoGK (free download) or purchase Dr. Divx from the Divx site (it’s well worth it both in terms of ease of use and speed of encoding) and then search out and purchase a set top DVD player that will support the Divx codec. Do a search on Divx DVD players and you’ll find some in the $70-$80 range.

  11. does any 1 no how i can get a dvd rip on 2 a dvd disc 2 play on dvd player i down loaded a film riped of a dvd and have not got a clue how 2 do this if some 1 can help thank s

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