JuiceBox Messenger Bag

juicebox boom box

Henry sent this in just in time for us to ignore Slashdot’s terrible story on JuiceBox hacking. The JuiceBox is a simple personal video player designed for people who don’t care about resolution or framerate, supposedly kids. Major retail chains have started dropping the prices of these units so you can pick one up pretty cheap. Probably the cheapest MMC based MP3 player you’ll find. To get more info on the hardware and the uClinux OS that it runs check out the JuiceBox page at the eLinux wiki. Details and pictures of Henry’s boom bag after the jump.

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Hackaday Links


hello peepdizzles. im writing from JERSEY right now and have some great links for you all.

checks these out for size and freshness!
RFID tags exploding in the microwave. $1000 down the drain. [je]
The motorola IMFREE lives…sorta. [john]
Lamp o’ CDs. Very Tight. [Steve]

Freedos embedded style. Cool? Yes. Useful? No. [h4rm0n1c]
GPS Jammer stuff. [ilovehacks]
Cheap-ass IR goodies.

And of course we have some Lego hackaday love from [Lee]

Only the coolest of dorks rock a Hal 9000 webcam [paul]
Non-DRM eBook rockage! YES. E-INK 4 LIFE.

I also can’t resist. You will soon be able to get a .XXX domain. HACKADAY.XXX. RAW AND WET.

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