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  1. dude, im not cool with this live 8 thing. They are closing down half the city for this show. Just think of all the money that needs to be spent to set up the stage, clean up trash. Think of the business that will suffer from this. I’m screwed, I wont be able to anywhere near the city that day, thank G-d I’ll be up the mountains the next day.

  2. “hackaday meetups are gonna be bi-weekly. starting next week. 1st and 3rd thursdays of every month.”

    You keep using the term “bi-weekly” this means twice a week, which is not what they are. You need to say bi-monthly. Not trying to be a smart ass but it is confusing.

  3. hmm… sorry if i’m being an idiot and this comes out rude… however – how is ‘dvd jon’ credited to ‘breaking’ googles lock technique.. all that was done was editing an open source program… with a few ‘//’s and ‘/* */’… not to take anything away from the guy – he’s a genius. I just think this takes away from his past accomplishments such as actually breaking security patches on dvd’s…

  4. Hey,
    Been following the blog for around 2 months or so, just never really felt like commenting. Just wondering, if the meet-ups were bi-monthly, wouldn’t that mean once every two months? I am rather certain these meet-ups are bi-weekly.

  5. Wow that shockwave get method is complicated. I have a easier and a more geekier way and a works everytime method:

    1-Easier) Use Firefox and Adblock. Click the adblock tab near the animation. it should give you a link. Copy that into your bar and then hit enter. The animation should load up just by its self. Now go File -> save as. Done

    2-geeker) Browse the sourcecode. Search for “.swf” copy link and do File save as above mentioned.

    3-easier yet) Simply at the page do a file -> save as. Now in the window make sure it is saving as “Webpage, (complete)” you should get a bunch of files. It is best to put this into a seperate folder. You will get a new folder and an HTML page if done correctly. browse the new folder for the shockwave files loading them into the browser to see if they are the right one and then copy the one you want.

    The method described works its just that it is really hard. Try one of the above methods before really going at it.

  6. This Live8 stuff sounds insane. Why in bob’s name would we spend MORE money, and eliminate the money they owe us? (The US that is) Here we are in the middle of a war, major problems with social security, a dwindleing education budjet. And were even CONSIDERING shipping off our money to AFRICA!?!?!

  7. that’s way too much work to save flash files. just view the source, find the swf url, and paste it into a google search. google will give you a nice link, then you save target as.

  8. I somewhat agree with Zaphoid, though for different reasons. Our war on terrorism is a joke, much like the war on drugs. Social security is meant as a supplement, not a retirement plan. But our public schools *are* failing, our legal system is full of blood-sucking leeches, and we have plenty of homeless and starving children here in the good old U.S. of A.

    I wish we could tend to our own illness before trying to heal the world.

  9. This is in regards to the Flash link.
    I remember watching The ScreenSavers on TechTV before they merged with G4, and they gave some prgoram that you could use that would find all the flash that had been saved on to your computer.

    I don’t remember the name, and I lost the program after reformatting my computer, but it is out there. It’s incredibly easy to use, and literally saves every flash, including ads.

    One thing I learned to make it easier to find specific flash files, was to clear all my internet cache, and visit the site that had the flash file I wanted so it would be the only one the program found.

  10. As far as the Flash thing goes, I’ve been doing it forever…

    Other than using IE’s cache and finding the URL, Firefox users have a trickier way to save the files.

    If you take a look at C:Documents and SettingsUSER NAMEApplication DataMozillaFirefoxProfilesdefault.zoeCache you’ll find Firefox’s internet cache, but none of the files have extensions. The best way to save the movie is to know how big the file is, then set your view as Details and sort by File Size. Find a few files within a small range of your desired Flash file size, copy them out of the Firefox cache, then put the .swf extension on them. Open them up and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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