Homebrew Wind Turbine

wind turbine

otherpower.com has a great write up on building and flying this 17 foot monster. The turbine features 25 pounds of magnets in the rotors and 16 pounds of copper wire in the stator. It’s a really interesting process going from bearing assembly, to coil mock-up, resin casting the rotors and stator, blade assembly and finally raising the tower. The result is a turbine that can stand up to winds over 60 mph and has been known to produce 3.8kW. It’s a good project and also fun to read because of all of the warnings about not severing your fingers with high powered magnets.

[thanks John Heylin]

17 thoughts on “Homebrew Wind Turbine

  1. I’ve been thinking about something like this for ages, just never been too bothered to look and now you have done it for me. So cheers, will 100% look into this but on a smaller scale for now (Neighbours really wouldnt like it).

  2. vawt’s are pretty cool, and yes, pretty easy to build since they don’t spin as fast but they are not nearly as efficient as a standard issue horizontal axis unit.

    after saying that, im thinking about building one myself.

    Greetings, wind energy aficionados.
    I know there are lots of people from Spanish speaking countries that log in sites like this one looking for information not available in Spanish.
    From now on, the book “How to Build a Wind Turbine” by Hugh Piggott is available in Spanish at http://manual.bajatec.net

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