Defcon Day 1 – Stuff, Stuff, And More Stuff


The Zeus room at Defcon contains tons of cool merch and items. Everything from custom segways, to wardriving cantennas to your t-shirt swag. Some of the cool things you’ll find there though are the more cheaper items. For example, lockpicking kits are being sold and you can lockpick a doorknob and bike lock to try it out. It’s pretty hard. They also have a stand with all kinds of used hardware. I mean tons of cool stuff. Like above, there’s used “as-is” laptops for sale on the cheap. This is perfect for the sub-$100 laptop contest we had! There’s tons of used Sun servers, Cisco routers, and other great techno-crap.

There’s also a plethora of t-shirts, stickers, and other dumb fun crap. A book stand contains books on all topics from ethereal to shell scripting to identity theft. It’s great. You can win some great prizes too like t-shirts and iPods.

And yes. We know we got “hacked” or whatever you want to call it. Twas expected of course. No biggie. We appreciate other hackers not being malicious. That’s what makes a hacker good and not bad. Don’t forget that. We also appreciate you guys stopping by today and grabbing swag and saying hi. It’s been a great time so far. Tomorrow we’ll have t-shirts for sale! So get ready to get yours!

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3 thoughts on “Defcon Day 1 – Stuff, Stuff, And More Stuff

  1. I don’t think you should call hackers who hack you at defcon bad. I mean, you’re supposed to expect it, it always happens there.

    But hey. We all really appreciate the coverage (some audio’d be nice, but it’ll be released later anyway; perhaps this week’s hacks could all come from DEFCON. =))

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