Defcon Day 1 – Waking Up

late night drunk shit

 Vegas has been great. Look above, how neat.

I got in from hanging with Phil Torrone and Jason Striegel last night. We woke Eliot up. Then he woke me up.

The conference starts in an hour. My pass broke already. We’ve got about 5 pins left and a ton of stickers. If you want a pin, you have to give us something in return! We’d love to see a hack.

So come meet us at The Alexis Park/Resort/Dump and chat with us.
We’ll be hollerin back. Later!

7 thoughts on “Defcon Day 1 – Waking Up

  1. We get no debt here. If you don’t know **** about Vegas. Then don’t talk about it.

    Anyway I been living in vegas all my life. This year is the hottest for..or actually anyone.The School system sucks. Teachers are leaving. And Schools are always in debt. There more then the casinos here idiots. And more people are moving in.

  2. Hard Rock..
    If you’re 21+ and are into gambling, you’ve gotta hit the Hard Rock, I took a friend there for his bachelor party, along with 2 other friends we got comp’ed like crazy! The first night 4 comps to the Mr. Lucky’s resturant $35,$25,$25,$25 (free food for the entire trip). The second night, we got comp’ed $65 for the bar, free drunkenness YAY! Of course we each dropped about $1000 there, except the bachelor, he actually won some money.

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