17 thoughts on “Defcon Day 3 – 125 Mile Wi-fi Shot

  1. Ask any (small) retailer of Primestar and DirectTV dishes for one, generally most of them have a pile of unused ones. A friend of mine has the floor of a small room covered, and Radio Shack in town has a small shed full. Their difficult to throw away, so I’m sure they’d give you a free one just to get rid of it. (And yes, they work great for dish antenna’s! Mine’s about 23dBi)

  2. m4ff3w, seems to me that if you’re in the line of sight, you *could* leach the signal. Though, I’ll grant that would have to know it was there if you were going to intercept a tightly focused signal. Still, you know what they say about security through obscurity :)

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