PC Gaming Wheel

racing wheel

Lew’s wheels is a great resource for building your own gaming wheels. It has advice on components, mounting and wiring. Not satisfied with just wheels? There are plans for pedals and paddle shifters as well. Full pin charts and calibration advice are also available.

11 thoughts on “PC Gaming Wheel

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    To Eliot: Not all our sentiments are the same. I read several blogs from Weblogs inc. Hack A Day being #1. Keep up the good work!

  2. I agree with effinboy. weblogs inc. hosts hack a day, so we should be grateful. I personally like browsing through what the other blogs have to offer, even though hack a day is still on top.

  3. yeah, dude, what the hell is wrong with you? weblogs inc. fuckin owns hack-a-day. i like to see that hack-a-day has so much autonomy. putting up ads for other blogs is a small price to pay. get over it or don’t visit hack-a-day! just don’t bitch in comments.

  4. at least they could open the comments on them so we could post our opinions there instead of clogging up an unrelated post.

    i also think they are poopy, look to the right of your screen, there is a list of (probably) every blog on weblogs, why do they need to get me excited about a new post and then dash my emotions because it’s the equavalent of spam on the homepage?

  5. Thunderbird’s junk mail controls do work on RSS feeds, for those who use it and also hate those posts. So do filters on subject titles.

    Seriously, guys/Weblogs Inc, those posts are pretty pointless. What the hell is that for when, at the bottom of every single frigging page, is a better survey of recent posts?

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