Hackaday Links

Yes, the “Best of WIN” are auto posted by someone else in the system and will probably continue to be posted long after I’m dead. If you are wondering, they turned off commenting because of us; someone seems to have deleted the comments though.

[toby whittome] is quite happy using GPS on his bicycle
Telemarketing counter-script [angrygoatface]
Adventures of iGuy, looks like he hasn’t gotten very far [Anonymous]
[preston] pointed us to these tshirts, I personally prefer Downhill Battle and Creative Commies
Build a hovercraft, somebody submit a better link [Howard]
Go cart links [Howard]
[tdstr] suggests building a centronics cable for your CVS camcorder instead of the Palm cable
While you’re at it you might as well change the screens [caRpespasm]
Homemade submarine [Billy Bones]

I’ll leave you with this XP alarm clock from [kth]:

Use the “Scheduled Tasks” feature that comes with Windows, but when the wizard asks for a program, instead supply an mp3 filename. When the time comes, the task scheduler will open the mp3 file with the associated app. I just tested it and it definitely works.

Wait, one more thing: What do you want to see on or change about Hack-A-Day? That should make for some interesting reading.

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