PCI Simplified


Even though PCI is really common it usually doesn’t see experimentation by amateurs because of its high performance nature. ChaN decided to build a system to demonstrate that PCI is within the reach of hobbyists. He does this with just 1 GAL, 2 identity comparators, and 4 latches. To pull this off a couple design rules have to be violated. For example: There is no configuration register so the target address has to be set with DIP switches. Something you would never see in real life. ChaN has been posting electronics projects for quite a few years and his site is well worth further investigation.

[thanks BoomBox]

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Hackaday Links

The firmware link for the Linksys PAP2 unlocking was dead when the link went up yesterday. [ian] found another site with the instructions and firmware. It mentions that Staples has the PAP2 for $50 and a $50 rebate that doesn’t require a Vonage subscription. They’re are out of stock online; tomorrow is the last day you can buy one in-store and get the rebate.

Leah Buechley has added the code to her wearable LED  display. [fdisk]

The annual Ig Nobel awards were last night. A personal favorite of mine, the Ig Nobels award prizes for questionable research. For example: “The Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine went to Gregg Miller, inventor of Neuticles, artificial testicle replacements for neutered dogs and other animals, which come in different sizes and levels of firmness.” Wired has the full story.

$179 is a ridiculous price for this IR controlled pan/tilt head. I’m sure one of you could put this together easily.

[camzmac] decided to add USB support to his XBox controller. Sure, it’s been done before, but we love our readers.

[CWAL] built this XMLHttpRequest chat a while ago. I like the clean interface.

Do you want your mouse to rumble every time you click a button? [leadingzero and mzungu]

Really simple speakers from a hard drive Even simpler than those other ones. [Zen]

You could be using those hard drives to sharpen scalpels. [CapnSnazzy]

Mobile drive-in theater I think I saw a story last year about these “guerrilla drive-ins” irking the MPAA since they weren’t properly licensed for public performance. [hierono]

Pixel2Life software tutorial search [via del.icio.us]

I usually don’t check del.icio.us, but I’ve had a LiveMarks window open all day. It shows the popular links as they come in. [via Waxy]

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Hackaday Links Third Shift

Yes, Weblogs, Inc. has been purchased by AOL. Should you be worried? Not really. Weblogs, Inc. is still an independent entity from AOL. AOL won’t be censoring us or directing us. [grayskies] hit the nail on the head “How much direction did Weblogs, Inc have on Hack-A-Day? They had the annoying “Best of weblogs inc” and the banner at the top.” This deal does mean a better contract and probably more money to throw at projects, contest prizes and schwag. My checks will have AOL on them so I guess I have to stop throwing out the mail from them now.

As a show of good faith, here’s a recent article from Linux.ars on monitoring network traffic with Ruby and pcap; the example script is an AIM sniffer.

RoboNexus 2005 started yesterday. [William Cox] from GoRobotics.net is covering the event on his site.

[Robogeek] has decided to tackle the adaptive LED color controller project. First task: modularize the LED units.

While you’re over at Blogcadre you could help former H-A-D editor Jason Striegel beta test his smartphone app.

We get quite a few emails from people telling us that their school’s firewall blocks access to our site. Duxbury High School is actually holding a hacking contest. I was contacted by Mr. Conners looking for judges. We’ll do a judging poll if you readers are interested.

[phatmonkey] is working on a high altitude slug project.

The Hack-A-Day folding team is moving as fast as ever. We’re now ranked in the top 350.

People have started unlocking their Linksys “Vonage” PAP2. [Ozmotear]

[Troy] is already getting into the holiday spirit.

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