iPod breakout dock

breakout dock

Since the time it was first featured on MAKE, Steve Chapman has continued to develop his iPod breakout dock. The dock provides all of the possible connections that could be made through the 30-pin connector. Of interest is the iPod’s serial interface. I had seen a break down of the control codes before, but Steve has taken the time to develop a serial application that he can use to test the different commands. Now that he knows a little more about the interface he’s started programming a microcontroller to use it.

14 thoughts on “iPod breakout dock

  1. It’d be nice if we could map it out and then make a device which allows us access to that LCD screen. Then make a portable outside device a small version of the gameboy micro and then play emulated games off of the 5G ipod.

  2. HI All
    Where are people buying the 30 pin “clone” dock connectors in bulk from? I keep seeing people selling them in small numbers. They come in black and white colors. I am trying to locate the vendor to place a bulk order (200 – 500) from the maker of these.


    Thanks All,

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