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I posted the first part of my Xbox 360 iPod dock build on Engadget yesterday. Unfortunately commenting was still off when it went up due to maintenance so I haven’t gotten any feedback yet. Just three Digg stories that aren’t going anywhere.

The response to my job posting has been pretty incredible. I was only expecting to to get one qualified person but this decision is going to end up being really tough.

Team Hack-A-Day has completed another million points bringing the total up to 7M. We’ve also managed to shake loose our previous overtake threats. Spotted on the forum: [omniboggle]’s vertical rackmount case, [PocketLnt]’s THaD flash intro.

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Have you seen the fake 360 hacking vid yet? [via Digg]

I mentioned Diana Eng‘s inflatable dress last week, but failed to say that it was a collaboration with Emily Albinski.

Michael Steil will be presenting his paper “17 mistakes Microsoft made in the Xbox security system” next week at CCC.

Recent upgrades to the Honda Asimo have enabled it to steal your girl and run circles around you in the process. I’m still betting on Sony’s QRIO which recently added a third eye… that sees through time. [via Core77]

BlogFS is based on FUSE and lets you mount your WordPress blog as a filesystem.

When Judge Gwin ruled that source code is not protected by the first amendment, Leevi Marttila wrote the program c2txt2c to translate blowfish’s C source code into readable English, making it first amendment compatible.

Download Squad has a tip for using Google’s language tools as a proxy.

X-DSL v0.5 was recently released. It’s a a Linux distro for the Xbox based on Damn Small Linux. [via Xbox-Scene]

I get some silly hack requests in the mail, but it looks like the ones sent to DVDJon have a little more effort put into them.

Tim Berners-Lee started a blog recently. I hope you know who that is. [via Waxy]

[Liquid Khaos] recommends using “gun bluing” if you want to stain you white iPod headphones black.

MAME cabinet built in 24 hours. [THERINGMASTA via Joystiq]

Open DMX USB interface I love when MAKE unearths things I’ve always wondered about.

[eecue] picked up a new generation Furby to hack. They’ve got a guide for how to skin one.

iRobot released their long awaited serial control interface for the Roomba. Recently produced Roombas have the necessary bits built in already. It’s nice to see a manufacturer adding hacker features with each generation instead of crippling them. [leadingzero and rotzog]

Ramsinks Nvidia overclocking guide and BIOS reset switch. [default]

Bracelets from guitar strings [Spud the Ferret]

Reality Hacking interesting art installations [exparrot]

Disassembling the HTC Blue Angel in Arabic [Moses]

[N] seems to be having problems with his Nintendo DS.

[Adam]’s company had a Christmas ornament competition. His didn’t win though.

Someone suggest this Sharper Image product should be made into an auto turret. “What’s that they’re flinging at us?!”

[KIWIDOGGOE] I don’t know why you keep sending your site in on the tip line. All I see is text stolen from us.

This internal UPS looks familiar for some reason. [abshnasko]

Build your own fallout meter. [joe]

Accord car computer install [Kyle Dewald]

[TomTheGeek] added Bluetooth to his laptop using [tnkgrl]’s guide.

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